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AF Concorde Final Report Due

Mon Dec 31, 2001 2:01 am

The final BEA report into the AF Concorde crash is due out as early as next week.

It recommends that two separate audits be carried out on the "condition of running and maintenance of the Concorde by Air France," and on Continental Airlines' maintenance departments "in the United States as well as on its sub-contractors abroad,"

It Qualifies the Concorde's maintenance department at Air France as "a state within the state," the BEA urges the French Civil Aviation Authority to investigate the department, which appears to have enjoyed a "special status,"

In the final report, the BEA confirms a chronology of the tragic event it had already included in its mid-investigation report in July.

BEA investigators say the explosion of the Concorde's tire due to a piece of metal from the Continental Airlines flight caused the perforation of the fuel reservoir, which in turn caused the fuel to catch fire.

Earlier this year, BEA investigators publicly denied press reports that the crash of the Air France Concorde jet which killed 113 people had been caused by a missing part from the plane's undercarriage.

The BEA said it had been able to exclude the missing part's role in the crash by a series of tests, including examining traces on the runway at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport and the state of the aircraft's tires.

Tthe BEA also urges the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) -- the US counterpart to the French civil aviation authority -- to audit Continental Airlines, warning that the trend to farm out aircraft maintainance as a money-saving measure could be damaging to overall security.

The Continental Airlines flight that took off before the Concorde had undergone irregular maintenance in Israel and in Houston, Texas, the investigators say in the report.

The report also issues a series of recommendations for airlines across the world, calling for a better runway surveillance, an improved follow-up on air-worthiness "to quickly define corrective actions," as well as the strengthening of regulations concerning tires, fuel reservoirs and fuel inflammability.

The report also clears the crew of any blame, as the structural damage was so great their chances of saving the aircraft were very low.

Investigators also urge aviation authorities to equip planes with a video-surveillance system to allow the pilot and the crew to see parts of the plane normally hidden from their view.
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RE: AF Concorde Final Report Due

Thu Jan 03, 2002 6:42 am

Thanks for the update Gordon. I was actually wondering a few days ago when the final report would come out, so I look forward to reading it.

Thanks again!