Reduction A/c Distance. Increasement Accidents?

Mon Dec 31, 2001 4:42 am

My brother in law is a very well experienced captain, instructor and examinator on several narrow and wide body aircraft. He told me that the mid air distances between aircraft can and will be reduced as it is now technically possible. He assured me also that this will occure more fatal accidents than ever. He told me about a number of near missers he experienced himselves in the recent past due to bad air traffic control in the Mediterranean airspace (except former Yugoslavia; it had an excellent ATC). He told me that the public will get used to the increasement of the expected mid air accidents. I got the shivers all over my body when he told me that. What do you think what will happen unless most of the aircraft now have an aircraft responder system?
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RE: Reduction A/c Distance. Increasement Accidents?

Mon Dec 31, 2001 4:56 am

How many mid-air collisions have there been in the past? Exactly. I can think of a maximum of 5 fatal collisions. That's really not that many. Remember also that all aircraft have TCAS now, virtually eliminating ALL chances of mid-air incidents. Reduced vertical seperation won't make any difference.
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