Engines On The MD-87/DC9-40

Mon Dec 31, 2001 10:27 am

From what I notice, the MD-87 is the same length as the DC9-40/50. So why does the MD-87 have JT8D-217 Engines, while the DC9-50 has JT8D-17 which are way less powerful, but are still good. Same with the 717. Why does the 717 (same length as the DC9-30) have 18,500 pounds of thrust each, while the DC9-30 has 14,500 pounds each, but still works fine. I would consider this to be OVERPOWERED. Can anyone Light some Sheds on this
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RE: Engines On The MD-87/DC9-40

Mon Dec 31, 2001 11:48 am

Check the data and history section of this site. The -87 is shorter than the -40/-50. It is more like a -30. However, it has a much higher takeoff weight (149000 [same as MD82/83] rather than 121000) and fuel capacity making it a somewhat long range aircraft. It is built to be a hot and high a/c meaning it is good on short runways etc. at high gross weights. The 200 series engines are stage 3 right out of the box, no hush kit needed. Again, check the data and history section, they have all the facts. Although our -30s only have a max t/o off 110000lbs!

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