Latest US Security Alert: Heart Pills!

Mon Dec 31, 2001 7:28 pm

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From the Peninsula Daily News

PORT ANGELES - A Horizon Air flight was delayed Thursday afternoon at William R. Fairchild International Airport when airline employees initially refused to let a California woman carrying nitroglycerin pills board the plane.

The incident began when airline workers questioned 74-year-old Lita Bowman on what she was carrying before she went through metal detectors said Bill Bennett, a relative. Bowman pulled out her heart medication and asked, "What about my nitro?" Bennett said.

The woman has a heart condition that requires her to carry the pills. When a doctor behind her in line explained the pills are heart medication, Bowman was asked for a prescription. Bowman's son-in-law, Dennis Dreith, said he was told FAA regulations prohibit passengers from carrying the pills aboard aircraft. "They told me, 'We have to do it this way'" Dreith said.
While airline employees were trying to stop Bowman, children were running back and forth through the security checkpoint, and some people were walking through unchecked Dreith said. Terrorists couldn't have dreamed up a better diversion. If she had walked through the metal detector without saying anything, no one would have known. Somebody should have had the presence of mind to let her through".

The doctor explained to security personnel that Bowman must carry the pills on her person, and Bowman even took the pills out of the bottle, which had her name on it, to show the medicine is not explosive. Eventually, Horizon Air employees allowed Bowman to board the aircraft, but relatives called the incident harassment and the workers overzealous. Horizon Air public affairs manager Cheryl Temple downplayed the incident, calling it "very minor".

Officials at Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles said nitroglycerin is prescribed as a heart medication. Nitroglycerin pills dilate blood vessels to the heart and help prevent chest pains caused by a heart condition, said Olympic Medical Center spokeswoman Rhonda LoPresti. The pills are not explosive, she said.
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RE: Latest US Security Alert: Heart Pills!

Mon Dec 31, 2001 11:54 pm

How would 74 year old to be terrorist? Stupid stupid security people! WE ARE AMERICANS! For God Sakes!


RE: Latest US Security Alert: Heart Pills!

Tue Jan 01, 2002 12:00 am

Nitroglycerin is indeed taken by people with heart problems. My grandparents took it many years ago.

And it's not a "minor incident" when you've got people slipping by security.