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A330 and B 777

Tue Aug 03, 1999 6:36 am

The 777 and A 330 are very similar aircraft. I was wondering why Emirates bought as well 777-200 and A 330-200. They could have bought the A 330-300 if they would have liked more seating (it's the equivalent of 777-200 with the same range of about 10000km with 350 pax).

So could anyone explain me which criteria make that a company buys two so similar aircrafts of two different manufacturers?

I can understand Air France and Singapore Airlines who have both 777 and A 340, because A 340 has a much longer range than 777 and 777-300 can take much more pax than the biggest A 340 in service. Of course they could have bought also A 330-300 instead of 777-200. Could someone explain this also to me?
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RE: A330 and B 777

Tue Aug 03, 1999 9:34 am

The A330-200 is not such a competitor with the 777-200. They both have about the same range but different seating capacities. The A330-200 seats 253 pax and the 777-200 can seat up to 320 pax, so as you can see they are not very similar.
The closest competitor with the A330-200 is the 767-300ER but I guess Emirates prefered the A330 confort and technology.

Also the A330-300 is not a good choice to compete with the 777-200 because it has much less range than the 777-200.

Just go to Airbus and Boeing websites and look for the different specifications for each aircraft and you'll understand why airlines make this choices.

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RE: A330 and B 777

Tue Aug 03, 1999 9:38 am

As Mirage stated, the A330-200/300 is not really a competitor with the 777-200/300. Emirates decision for the A330 was probably due to the newer technology used in the A330 than in the 767-300ER. A good competitor with the A330 is the 767-400ER
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Tue Aug 03, 1999 12:21 pm

Actually, the range of the A330-300 is nowhere near 10000km. It only competes with the 'standard' "A" model 777. These aircraft were the first built. Most new 777 deliveries are of the "B"(IGW, or ER) model, with a much greater range, in excess of 8,000 miles. Currently, the B777-200(ER) holds the record for the longest flight by a commercial aircraft. A Malaysia aircraft flew nonstop from Seattle to Kuala Lumpur.
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RE: Fly AA 757

Tue Aug 03, 1999 4:15 pm

Thanks everybody for answering! I knew about the seatings of the planes, but I didn't have the range of the newest planes.

Message for AA 757: wasn't the longest flight made by the A340 world Ranger who flew around the earth with only one stop?