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Highest Frequency Trans-continental Route

Wed Jan 02, 2002 5:07 pm

What are the highest frequency trans-continental route (as in US-Europe, US-South America, etc. Not East coast-West coast) from the US. Obviously, NYC-LON has to be #1. Pre-9/11, I believe it was 210 flights a week. What is it after 9/11? After NYC-LON, my guesses would be HNL-NRT (???) and MIA-CCS (95 flights a week). Any other popular links?
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RE: Highest Frequency Trans-continental Route

Wed Jan 02, 2002 7:21 pm

That would be inter-continental. Transcontinental is across a single continent...

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RE: Highest Frequency Trans-continental Route

Thu Jan 03, 2002 4:34 am

Here's the current schedule for NYC-LON:
BA JFK-LHR (5 daily plus concorde flt which is 6x a week)
BA EWR-LHR (2 daily)
AA JFK-LHR (4 daily)
AA EWR-LHR (1 daily)
VS JFK-LHR (2 daily)
VS EWR-LHR (1 daily and 1 5x a week)
CO EWR-LHR (2 daily)
UA JFK-LHR (2 daily)
UA EWR-LHR (1 daily)
AI JFK-LHR (1 daily)
KU JFK-LHR (3x week)
Total = 161 flights per week

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