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Crossair Mc-plane

Tue Aug 03, 1999 6:07 pm

I've heard that Crossair serves McDonald's food onboard their MD81, sponsored by McDonald's. Is that true, or is it just a load of bull?
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RE: Crossair Mc-plane

Wed Aug 04, 1999 7:26 am

Hi there,

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Of course Mc Plane flies.
But it's an MD 83 operating on charter lights together with Mc Donald's Switzerland and Hotelplan (a swiss TO) from Zurich to holiday resorts as Mallorca, Canarian Islands, Greece, Turkey...

Inside, the stewardesses wear MC Do caps, the leather seats are red with yellow M on the headrests and the younger ones get big macs for lunch. I never took that plane, so I don't know if every passenger must eat that nice dish...
But I know that french fries are forbidden in flying planes because of the fire hazard (boiling oil...).

The Swiss seem to love travelling hamburgers, there are also worldwide the only ones to have rolling Mc Do restaurants : two bright red restaurant train coaches run thru the country as well as red truck serving great Mc Cuisine...very convenient for travelling I must confess...

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McDonalds Go 757

Thu Aug 05, 1999 4:55 pm

In April 2000, the MD83 HB-IUH will be replaced by a B757 as the new McPlane. At least the in-flight hamburgers will remain; if the 757 also will be painted with McD red & arcs my source did not know.

The 757 will be operated by Crossair.

Jan-Erik Andelin
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