Lets Talk About United Express!

Wed Aug 04, 1999 1:33 am

What do you have to say about United Express? I think they are great. They serve Beverages and Cookies on their ATP's   Also, their BAE-146's are pleasnt. Do you know if they serve beverages on the J-31/32? I know they do on the larger J-42.
Share you experiences on United Express here. I think United Express is the best commuter airline!
American Eagle is also good. COMAIR is  
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RE: Lets Talk About United Express!

Wed Aug 04, 1999 1:56 am

Many airlines fly under the United Express name, Skywest, ACA (Atlantic Coast Airlines), Great Lakes, etc..., all operating different aircraft, and probably offering different levels of service. You stated that you flew an ATP and a BAe 146, so I guess you flew United Feeder Service with the ATP and Air Wisconsin with the BAe 146. Since these two airlines are mostly affiliated with UAL, I would assume the service was pretty uniform. Whereas Skywest is partners with Delta Airlines, Mesa is partners with America West and USAirways, etc..., so I would guess they would offer different levels of service.
BTW, I thought that United Feeder Service was going to get rid of their ATP aircraft sometime soon. Does anyone know if they will? Also, does any other airline use the BAe ATP in the United States? I can't think of any other that United Feeder Service.

Lets Talk About The Atp!

Wed Aug 04, 1999 2:33 am

I sure hope United Feeder Service keeps the ATP. It is such a nice commuter aircraft. It takes-off so smooth, that you hardly notice its a turbo-prop. It is quiet. On the inside, the seats are extremely comfortable. The only problem was United Express does not clean the plane good enough. It was filthy. And the Lav had no sink.
If they could improve it, add a sink and clean the plane  . Other than that, the ATP is a great aircraft. It is better than the ATR-42.
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RE: Lets Talk About United Express!

Wed Aug 04, 1999 3:14 am

Yes, Let's Talk about United Express...

Why did they dump service up here at Manchester (MHT) New Hampshire on the Dulles route? They terminated in May and the rumor was that UAL was going to come back. But if that's to be the case, why didn't UA Express hang on until the jets came to take the route over?

I've used the MHT-IAD flights a few times to connect with European-bound flights. Now that link is gone and I don't know why. For MHT, the fastest-growing airport in the nation, that puzzles me.
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RE: Lets Talk About The Atp!

Wed Aug 04, 1999 5:53 am


I see plenty ATP's at Aberdeen everyday.

All BA and some showing the World Tails, including the Chinese Rendezvouz.

Regards to all
Gary Watt
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United Express/Skywest

Thu Aug 05, 1999 2:11 pm

How do you rate Ual/Skywest's service.
Our their Emb-120 Brasilias nice.
I am flying them to Sfo in 2 weeks and connecting to Seattle.