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CDG Instead Of Orly?

Wed Aug 04, 1999 3:05 am

I have a question regarding flights into Paris. Is Continental flying into Charles DeGaulle now instead of Orly, or have they always flown into CDG? Have they switched like American, or are all international flights now flying in and out of CDG only?
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RE: CDG Instead Of Orly?

Wed Aug 04, 1999 3:16 am

I flew through CDG in May and again in June and saw the Continental DC-10 operating to Houston from there. I also know my parents went either last year or the year before to Paris on CO through Orly. They were operating routes to Paris with Air France for a period (that may change due to the Delta-Air France Alliance)..

RE: CDG Instead Of Orly?

Wed Aug 04, 1999 6:40 am

I can confirm that CO is flying into CDG (Charles De Gaulle). Last year not less than 3 DC-10's passed before the fence where spotters are taken their places.
I recently went back on a Saturday (Sunday is better) and I saw one 777 and one DC-10 coming in. Those flights will surely not having been diversions from Orly.
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RE: CDG Instead Of Orly?

Wed Aug 04, 1999 6:56 am

Last time I saw a CO DC-10, it was in Orly 1995.
Now they may fly from CDG, but I checked in Paris ADP general timetable and I didn't get any CO flight operated with a CO plane bound for Houston or New York. These are codesharing flights operated with AF machines I guess.

On other destinations in the USA, it's possible that Co flies its own planes with AF codesharing.
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RE: CDG Instead Of Orly?

Wed Aug 04, 1999 8:22 am

I flew Air France from Washington, DC to CDG in April and I saw a Continental DC-10 parked outside of the Air France terminal when my flight came in so I know that Continental flies to CDG or has been flying there for the past few months.