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Has Anyone Flown On VS's 747-400s?

Wed Jan 09, 2002 11:53 am

I was wondering what the consensus was on their 747-400s? Are their new ones better than the older ones?
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RE: Has Anyone Flown On VS's 747-400s?

Wed Jan 09, 2002 11:58 am

Having flown VS on both the 742 and 744 (in Coach), I'd say the 742s were better- but only because the PTV/Entertainment system was better on the 742s. Otherwise, based on my experiences with them I'd say the Coach 'Experience' on VS is mediocre at best.
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RE: Has Anyone Flown On VS's 747-400s?

Wed Jan 09, 2002 12:01 pm

Do you mean their new 747-400's vs. the ones they took delivery of between 1994 and 1997 (the original six aircraft?)

I have flown Ruby Tuesday, Tinker Belle, and Lady Penelope and they are all fine aircraft. There was only a minor difference, in that Ruby Tuesday was a newer one, delivered in 1996 or 1997 and had a different entertainment system than the other two planes. Virgin has two entertainment platforms, Arcadia and Odyssey. Odyssey was the newer one and the PTV screens on Ruby Tuesday were bigger.

I flew Virgin on the following routes:

August 1998 LHR-JFK, VS 009 A340-300 Rainbow Lady
August 1998 JFK-LHR, VS 010, A340 Maiden Toulouse
Nov. 1998 LHR-JFK, VS 003 B744, Lady Penelope
Nov. 1998 JFK-LHR, VS 010 B744, Tinker Belle
April 1999 LHR-EWR, VS 001 B744, Ruby Tuesday
April 1999 JFK-LHR, VS 004 B744 Lady Penelope
August 1999 JFK-LHR, VS 26 A340 Lady in Red
August 1999 LHR-JFK, VS 9 B741 Spirit of Sir Freddie
May 2000 JFK-LHR, VS 10 A340, China Girl

All fabu flights.