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Yemenia Inaugurates KUL Flights

Thu Jan 10, 2002 10:10 am

Following behind Qatar Airways' succesful launch of direct flights from Doha into Kuala Lumpur, Yemenia is to begin direct flights from Sanaa next week.

Emirates, Gulf Air and Qatar Airways have also all announced that their KUL services are to be boosted by this Summer.

Perhaps they are all doing well from the pull-out of the other major carriers. I do believe Emirates and Gulf Air have both seen a rise in UK-M'sia traffic since British Airways' departure from the route.
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RE: Yemenia Inaugurates KUL Flights

Thu Jan 10, 2002 10:50 am

Emirates are going to add another 3 weekly B777 nonstop services to Kuala Lumpur in May and connecting onwards to Jakarta. Surprisingly, it is less than one month since Qatar Airways had inaugurated services into Kuala Lumpur and yet they announce that they are going to increase their frequencies!

When Yemenia inaugurates its flights into KUL, it will also continue its flights to Jakarta as well. However, it will have a stopover in Dubai. Is there really such a big demand for Middle Eastern carriers for the KUL-CGK route? Most of the ME airlines that fly into KUL will continue their flight to CGK eg. Emirates, Yemenia, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways. MAS recently just doubled its frequency to Jakarta.

I think some of them should do KUL-Australia market! Austrian/Lauda is making heaps of profits there. This might actually encourage more European carriers to fly into KUL as well, though in the near future is highly unlikely.
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RE: Yemenia Inaugurates KUL Flights

Thu Jan 10, 2002 11:15 pm

Great for Kuala Lumpur, I hope more airlines start using the fabulous new airport as a hub, this will be Yemenia's first East Asian destination, and they will use the A310-300 on it, the only other non Arab countries they fly to in Asia are India and Pakistan Smile

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