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Delta MD-90

Fri Jan 11, 2002 3:21 am

What will the future bring for the Delta MD-90's. Will DL keep the 90's or will they go soon. But where?
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RE: Delta MD-90

Fri Jan 11, 2002 3:56 am

I think Delta's getting rid of them eventually.

I wish we would have purchased more. It's a much more pleasurable aircraft to fly than an MD-88

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RE: Delta MD-90

Fri Jan 11, 2002 5:33 am

Delta says (in their fleet plan) that the MD-90s will be around till 2006-7 when the owned a/c will be retired. So, at least 5-6 more years for the MD-90s. They are so sumptuously quiet to ride on that when I get a DL 737-800 by the wing, its almost unbearably loud! I think the MD-90 and 717 are still the two quietest jets in existence.