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Virgin's Current Routes And Aircraft?

Fri Jan 11, 2002 10:13 am

Can anyone tell me what the current routes are that Virgin operates? What flights have been moved? Also, what is the current situation with their 747-200s as it seems to change from day to day.
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RE: Virgin's Current Routes And Aircraft?

Fri Jan 11, 2002 10:50 am

VS001 Heathrow-New York (Newark) 1600 Daily
VS002 New York (Newark)-Heathrow 2125 Daily
VS003 Heathrow-New York (JFK) 1400 Daily
VS004 New York (JFK)-Heathrow 1930 Daily
VS005 Gatwick-Miami 1045 Daily
VS006 Miami-Gatwick 1800 Daily
VS007 Heathrow-Los Angeles 1130 Daily
VS008 Los Angeles-Heathrow 1720 Daily
VS009 Heathrow-New York (JFK) 1830 Daily
VS010 New York (JFK)-Heathrow 2310 Daily
VS011 Heathrow-Boston 1430 Daily
VS012 Boston-Heathrow 1925 Daily
VS015 Gatwick-Orlando 1230 Daily
VS016 Orlando-Gatwick 2040 Daily

VS017 Heathrow-New York (Newark) 2015 Daily except Tue & Wed
VS018 New York (Newark)-Heathrow 0820 Daily except Wed & Thu
VS019 Heathrow-San Francisco 1100 Daily
VS020 San Francisco-Heathrow 1645 Daily
VS021 Heathrow-Washington DC 1200 Daily
VS022 Washington DC-Heathrow 1915 Daily
VS023 Heathrow-Los Angeles 1500 Daily
VS024 Los Angeles-Heathrow 2105 Daily
VS027 Gatwick-Orlando 1115 Daily except Thu
VS027 Gatwick-Orlando 1145 Thu
VS028 Orlando-Gatwick 1805 Daily
VS029 Gatwick-Bridgetown 1045 Mon, Thu, Fri & Sat
VS030 Bridgetown-Gatwick 1825 Mon, Thu, Fri & Sat

VS031 Gatwick - St Lucia 1045 Sun only
VS032 St Lucia - Gatwick 1825 Sun only
VS033 Gatwick-Antigua 1045 Wed & Fri only
VS034 Antigua-Gatwick 1830 Wed & Fri only
VS037 Gatwick-Bridgetown 1045 Tues only
VS037 Bridgetown-St Lucia 1630 Tues only
VS038 St Lucia-Bridgetown 1945 Tues only
VS038 Bridgetown-Gatwick 2145 Tues only
VS043 Gatwick-Las Vegas 1045 Thu & Sun only
VS044 Las Vegas-Gatwick 1605 Thu & Sun only
VS075 Manchester-Orlando 1025 Daily (except Mon)
VS076 Orlando-Manchester 1830 Daily (except Mon)
VS200 Heathrow-Hong Kong 2100 Daily
VS201 Hong Kong-Heathrow 2335 Daily

VS250 Heathrow-Shanghai 1600 Mon, Thu & Sat
VS251 Shanghai-Heathrow 1330 Tues, Fri & Sun
VS300 Heathrow-Delhi 2200 Wed & Fri only
VS301 Delhi-Heathrow 1415 Thu & Sat only

VS501 Heathrow-Kuala Lumpar 2200 Daily
VS502 Kuala Lumpar-Heathrow 2355 Daily
VS503 Heathrow-Kuala Lumpar 1050 Daily
VS504 Kuala Lumpar-Heathrow 1030 Daily
VS523 Kuala Lumpar-Sydney 2045 Mon, Tue & Sun
VS523 Kuala Lumpar-Sydney 2100 Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat
VS522 Sydney-Kuala Lumpar 1600 Daily

VS601 Heathrow-Johannesburg 2130 Daily
VS602 Johannesburg-Heathrow 2130 Daily
VS603 Heathrow-Cape Town 1700 Fri & Sun
VS604 Cape Town-Heathrow 0920 Mon & Sat
VS651 Heathrow-Lagos 2215 Daily
VS652 Lagos-Heathrow 1025 Daily
VS900 Heathrow-Tokyo 1300 Daily
VS901 Tokyo-Heathrow 1200 Daily

VS3018 New York (Newark)-Gatwick 1840 Daily
VS3019 Gatwick-New York (Newark) 1400 Daily
VS3028 New York (Newark)-Gatwick 1945 Daily
VS3029 Gatwick-New York (Newark) 1100 Daily

VS7317 Heathrow-Singapore 1100 Daily
VS7318 Singapore-Heathrow 0900 Daily
VS7319 Heathrow-Singapore 1835 Daily
VS7320 Singapore-Heathrow 1235 Daily
VS7321 Heathrow-Singapore 2215 Daily
VS7322 Singapore-Heathrow 2320 Daily

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