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Fri Aug 06, 1999 5:45 am

I was digging through photos and came across this beauty (the MD-11). I have never heard of this airline before, even as a charter. Can anyone share any info with me about this airline and their fleet, or this particular aircraft?!

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FLY777UAL's the pic url

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RE: USAfrica

Fri Aug 06, 1999 5:53 am

USAfrica was an airline that began service July in 1994. The airline was based at Washington Dulles, serving flights between IAD and Johannesburg, South Africa. The airline started out with 2 ex-American MD-11's. I know that they went out of business a few years later.
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RE: USAfrica

Fri Aug 06, 1999 9:54 am


They also flew to Cape Town from Washington I think in 93/94 but the service stopped pretty soon thereafter. I think they were a charter airline.

I think that pic was taken at CT international airport.