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The "stratocruiser" Is Back

Sat Jan 12, 2002 12:15 am

The big Boeing "STRAT" lives again by way of the BERLIN AIRLIFT HISTORICAL FOUNDATION. This Classic Proptransport has been absent from the skies in all HER glory for many years.The 377(C-97G) STRAT's new mission in life will be that of a FLYING MUSEUM EXIBIT OF COLD WAR HISTORY. Only 2 of these great boeing "STRATS" still survive in the WORLD today that are AIRWORTHY!! Inside HER fuselage will contain many displays,showcases,memorabilia & some murals of HER LEGACY as a true Unsung Hero of the COLD WAR YRS. Help & Sponsorship is always welcomed to get onboard this great aviation event about to happen! The big "STRAT" now rests on the ramp at Millville Airport NJ for awhile since HER ferryflight EAST to new home at the hangar. See us at "The LEGACY LIVES ON" Contact us for more info if interest is generated. Thanks
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RE: The "stratocruiser" Is Back

Sat Jan 12, 2002 12:19 am

Contrats to those guys.  Big thumbs up

Just last year I saw Hawkins&Powers C-97 air tanker doing drops on the Mystery Creek forest fire.