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Swissair And Boeing Willing To Pay Victims

Fri Aug 06, 1999 3:55 pm

Today it was announced that both Swissair and Boeing would accept financial responsiblity for the victims that perished in the crash last year. Both companies did not admit guilt but were merely going to pay compensatory damages to the victims families. The amount expected to be split by the companies is 500 million dollars and this is considered 'proven damages.' Yet this amount could change since many of the vicitims were not American citizens and judges must decide if their case can be heard in US courts. Damages received by the vicitms familes are expected to be more in US courts than other courts around the world so this dollar figure could decrease. It is said with this admitance, suits filed will not take the two years that were expected to take to settle all the cases. From the begining Swissair to me has been very courtious to the victims families, for example giving the familes the option to take 50,000 dollars right after the accident. To me airlines should look to what Swissair did after the disaster and follow what they did. Now admitting this it seems that Swissair and Boeing wants to put this disaster behind them and move on,and also settle all the suits without dragging them on over many years. How does everyone else feel?


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RE: Swissair And Boeing Willing To Pay Victims

Fri Aug 06, 1999 4:58 pm

God rest those souls off St. Margaret's Bay in Nova Scotia, Canada.

It is a trademark of Boeing Corp. to advance a settlement upon reasonable grounds after an accident, without accepting culpable liability.

I believe they are doing that in this case.

I applaud them for their actions.

I cannot understand how anyone would be able to prove a case of "intent" upon Boeing Corp for such a sad accident.

Shit happens.

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