Airport 2000 Downloads

Sat Aug 07, 1999 3:42 am


are there some downloadable planes for Airport 2000.
if there is a site could you send it to me.

if there arent any downloads yet but you know when they come please mail me too.

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RE: Airport 2000 Downloads

Sat Aug 07, 1999 3:57 am

Hi, are you talking planes in general for FS98? If so, try (you have to get a username and password, but its free), www.,,,, or (This one has some awesome airbus/boing aircraft with full moving part, the best ive seen!) Hope this helps!

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RE: Airport 2000 Downloads

Sat Aug 07, 1999 5:45 am

Hey KLMExel

I told you this info already!!

Any downloadable aircraft will work with Airport 2000.

I use it with no problems.

Gary Watt
Aberdeen, Scotland

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