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Coach On KLM Transatlantic?

Thu Jan 17, 2002 1:21 pm

I may be flying MEX-AMS on KLM in a couple of months. Any idea on what coach is like on KLM's 744's? Seat pitch? And, most importantly, do their coach seats have "winged headrests" (like CO's new aircraft)?

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RE: Coach On KLM Transatlantic?

Thu Jan 17, 2002 1:26 pm

AMSTELVEEN, November 16, 2000 - Economy Class passengers on KLM’s intercontinental flights will be treated to a variety of new products and services as of December 1, 2000.

KLM’s New Products and Services

One of the new Economy Class products is the breakfast box, which is served as a second meal on night flights and allows passengers to have breakfast at their own discretion. They can even take it off board with them if they prefer. The breakfast box will enable the crew to serve meals more efficiently, allowing passengers to get more sleep. In addition, inflight meals will be served on newly designed crockery. In between the regular meals and drinks, passengers will be able to order an extra drink and a sweet or savory snack: the Skybreak. Water will be served in sealed cups, so that thirsty passengers can have a drink whenever they prefer. Passengers will also be presented with a gift when they leave the aircraft.

These new products were prompted by a panel study, including customers as well as cabin attendants, which revealed that travelers generally experience flights in several phases. Firstly, passengers want to feel welcome. Then they nestle down in their seats and surround themselves with their personal belongings. Only then do they begin to feel a need for entertainment or an opportunity to work, eat or sleep. KLM has adjusted its product and service timing in intercontinental Economy and World Business Class to better coincide with the passenger’s need for food, sleep, relaxation and work during the flight.

KLM’s New seat

KLM will also install new Economy Class seating on intercontinental flights, as was announced earlier. The new, ergonomically improved seat offers far greater comfort and has a fully adjustable headrest. The seats will first be installed on KLM’s newest Boeing 747-400, the PH-BFW, which is scheduled to operate its first flight later this month. The PH-BFW will be the first aircraft with new seating in World Business Class (60-inch pitch) as well as Economy Class.

These improvements are in line with KLM’s strategy to continually invest in new products and services for its passengers.

Northwest’s New Entertainment Features

KLM’s trans-Atlantic alliance partner, Northwest Airlines, is also making improvements in their Economy Class product.

Starting in the first quarter of 2001, Northwest will begin installing new overhead video projectors in the main cabins of its trans-Atlantic fleet. The new systems deliver dramatically improved picture quality and reliability. Northwest has also started installing a new audio system on its international widebody aircraft that will provide all passengers with much improved sound quality, much better reliability, and a greater number of channels. Installation is underway and will be completed in the first quarter of 2001.

There are winged headrests!

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RE: Coach On KLM Transatlantic?

Thu Jan 17, 2002 3:25 pm

KLM has a terrible 30-31" pitch with very, very bad and uncomfortable seats. Though looking quite good the seats are some of the worst arround! Their World Business Class however is excellent and deserves more credit than normally given!

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RE: Coach On KLM Transatlantic?

Thu Jan 17, 2002 3:40 pm

I flew KLM during NOV from LAX-AMS-CDG round trip and on the outbound flt the 747-400M was not equipped with the winged headrest yet. The legroom was ok, comparable to other US carriers and the meals were actually quite good. There are no personal tv's installed. On the return our plane had the new seats and I found them to be quite comfortable and once again the meals were pretty good. The service provided by the flight attendants was excellent and they passed thru the cabins many times in between the meals offering ice cream, juices and water, potato chips and chocolates. Overall I would recommend them to anyone.

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