JAL Drops Kagoshima-HK, JAA Drops TPE-OKA

Thu Jan 17, 2002 2:09 pm

JAL Group has anounced that effective September 2002, it'll drop Kagoshima - Hong Kong flight after 30 years of service of this route. JAL launched this route since 1972.

The reason why JAL suspending this route because it's load factor has dropped below 50% since 9-11 attack. The load factor for this route was usually 70%.

Meanwhile Japan Asia Airways (JAA) will suspend daily Okinawa - Taipei flight, the load factor for this route is around 50%, operated by a 767. China Airlines flies double daily flight between Okinawa - Taipei with 738.
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RE: JAL Drops Kagoshima-HK, JAA Drops TPE-OKA

Thu Jan 17, 2002 2:14 pm

I never knew they flew to Kagoshima !!.

Additional Info

Thu Jan 17, 2002 2:16 pm

JAL's flight for march:

Tokyo - Honolulu: remains double daily flight
Osaka - Honolulu: current 16x flight will be cutted into daily flight

Tokyo-Las Vegas-San Francisco-Tokyo: Will not resume, however, inbound flight to Tokyo via LAX will resume*
*The original 4x weekly flight will be 2x only.

Tokyo-Zurich: Will not resume on March 1.
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RE: JAL Drops Kagoshima-HK, JAA Drops TPE-OKA

Thu Jan 17, 2002 2:49 pm

What I don't understand about the Japanese airlines is why they haven't caught on to the "thinner route=smaller airplane" formula that is practically one of the ten commandments of route planning in North America and Europe. I've flown several domestic flights on widebodies in Japan with only 15-20 passengers aboard, and this was before 9-11. I mean, putting a 767 on Okinawa-Taipei with a 50% load factor? Who at JAL Group made this brilliant decision? CI has got the equation right with 737-800s on this route. Kagoshima-HK is currently operated with a DC-10...I wonder why a smaller and more economical 767 wasn't put on this route.

Aaron G.