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Krakow, Poland

Mon Aug 09, 1999 4:45 am

My dad is flying to Poland for the first time next week. It is about the only country in Europe he hasn't been to yet. He is flying US Airways to London Gatwick, then flying LOT (which he has never taken before) to Krakow. Can anybody give me some information on how good of an airline LOT is and what to expect. Also, how big is the Krakow airport and is it a relatively safe city. Thanks!

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RE: Krakow, Poland

Mon Aug 09, 1999 10:26 pm

LOT is a great airline, I have flown them a few times to China, Egypt and Ukraine. I would recommend that you fly business class but if you can't economy is good aswell. I have never flown to Krakow but i will be flying there from Toronto on wednesday for the first time. You should not worry at all about flying LOT, they have one of the newest fleets in Europe and their pilots are some of the best. Enjoy the trip.

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