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Ways To Improve Efficiency Of Esp. Security

Mon Jan 21, 2002 5:35 am

Over a brainstorming session, I collected some points which could speed up/improve security and customer service at airports. Some are pretty obvious but some are my idea - constructive criticism is appreciated.


1. Customer Service

-Customer service agents constantly patrol all areas of the airport to check whether
passengers are treated well by personell.

-All ground staff are extensively trained in customer service and company officials
travel incognito to ensure a high standard of customer service is maintained.

-When lenghty queues arise at check-in, security etc., customer service agents distribute
drinks, candies and light snacks to waiting passengers.

-Customer service agents distribute questionnaires and help passengers fill them out.

2. Security

-An intensive staff screening program is introduced in which first, security officials
arrive at the airport first, enter through automatic metal detecting portals
(http://www.secureaccessportals.com), then they screen all staff who have access to the
sterile terminal areas.

-Passengers and staff leave gate areas through the same kind of portal (except for metal
detection capabilities) to ensure no unwanted access to the ramp.

-All baggage is x-rayed in the presence of passengers at check-in, suspicious objects are
hand searched in the passengers' presence and the baggage is then shrink wrapped to
prevent pilferage. (Optimally, baggage can also be sent through explosive detection
machines such as the QR 500)

-Departing passengers are advised to remove all metal objects from their person and place
them in carry-on baggage.

-Passengers are asked to remove any electronic equipment from checked baggage to be
inspected by security officials.

-If any unwanted weapons are found in carry-on baggage, they are sent as cargo to be
picked up by passengers from the customer service agents upon arrival.

-If a passenger sets off the metal detector without the security personnel being able to
determine why, that passenger is asked to attempt to solve the problem himself by walking
through a metal detector and removing objects until he or she no longer sets it off.

-All carry-ons are x-rayed and may also be sent through the QR 160 if the airport has
enough funds to provide such equipment.

-The identity of passengers is checked multiple times.

-Check-in desks are closed off using shutters when not in use so that no illicit baggage
can get onto the conveyor belt.

All these measures might contribute to the improvement of Customer Service and Security
Standards at airports.

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