More Logan Bad News

Mon Aug 09, 1999 10:12 pm

Just heard on the radio that a boy on an American Airlines planein Boston sat on a hyperdermic needle that had been hidden in his seatand had to be rushed to the hospital.

This is another blow to Logan which is still ringing from the kid who snuck past the security.

Actually I like Logan. But I can add my own security story.

Just this year I was there and was hungry while waiting for a family members flight to come in. There were no resteraunts or snack bars open in the "public" section where I was so after a long wait I got thirsty and decided to go up to the security people to find out where there was an open food place. Without delay the lady OFFERED to let me slip into the "apsolutley ticketed passengers only beyond this point" spot cause there were several places open. With a marveled pause I accepted. I then had easy access to the entire area.

So I went in and got a slice of pizza and came back out and wanted to thank the lady, only to find another guard was now there who knew NOTHING about me having been let into that area.

So my two cents is PEOPLE are usually the weak link in airport security.

I still like Logan......but I was ten feet from any Virgin Atlantic flight I could have wanted to sneak on or worse. Lucky for me and the world looking is enough.