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Heathrow Which Runway Information

Tue Aug 10, 1999 5:35 am

Could somebody help, I understand that Heathrow has two runways the deaprting and arriving runway end's change daily and then swap over runways monthly is this correct.

RE: Heathrow Which Runway Information

Tue Aug 10, 1999 9:33 am

The departing and arriving ends are determined by wind direction. Winds between 359 and 181, runways 27L and 27R at LHR are used. Winds at and between 360 and 180 they use 9R and 9L.
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RE: Heathrow Which Runway Information

Tue Aug 10, 1999 10:02 am

How can lhr only have two runways and be one of the most bussiest and largest int. airports? (im aware of the little runway between the two major runways, is this one used?)

Runway 5/23

Tue Aug 10, 1999 4:15 pm

The other runway youre talkin about is runway 5/23 (i think) which is closed, i dont know why, but it just is. Another major airport that handles a lot of trafiic is NRT which only has 1 runway, runway 16/34. There were plans for 2 other runways but parts of the runway land is farmer owned, and the farmers wont sell the land to the airport authority.
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A Detailed Answer

Tue Aug 10, 1999 10:02 pm

At heathrow they prefer to use runways 27LR because of noise restrictions and even in light easterly winds will still use these runways. When the wind gets a bit stronger they switch to 9LR. The prevailing winds are however westerly. When 9LR are used though 9L is not used for takeoffs due to noise restrictions, only for landings and 9R for takeoffs. When 27LR are used take offs and landings are switched at 3:00pm every day to give residents some relief.

Runway 5/23 cuts across the over two and as well as being far shorter would also get in the way of other operations, so isn't used.

I, a Brit, am very proud that Heathrow is the busiest international airport in the world, and it shows the skill of ATC and everyone there that they can do this with only 2 runways. Gatwick only has 1 and is still the 8th busiest international airport in the world.
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RE: A Detailed Answer

Fri Aug 13, 1999 5:34 am

If 27L is used for departures 27R is used for landings & vice versa same applies to 09LR. my last information on 05/23 is from september 1995 Jeppesen page 10-4 London Heathrow noise abarement procedures "When the crosswind component on runways 27R/09L & 27L/09R exceeds 25 knots runway 23 will normallt be made available if there is a lesser crosswind component affecting it." Runway 23 is not equipped with instrument approach aids.