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BA Ditching Asia?

Tue Jan 22, 2002 9:13 pm

I (as many may know) was (initially) disappointed with BA for withdrawing its LHR-Kuala Lumpur service last year. It was however a blessing in disguise for me, as after 20 years of flying BA on the route - I gained very few FFPs but just liked them for their efficient, professional service. Since then, I have binned my Silver BA Exec. Club card and quickly gained Silver membership with KLM/Malaysia and Air France (Blue) instead - but best of all - I had come to realise that although BA's service is professional, it lacked the flair and charm of MAS and Air France. So all in all a bit of a double bonus for me - I suddenly enjoy flying again!

Does anyone living in Taiwan, Philippines and also Malaysia feel much like me that after many years of BA loyalty - BA is just deserting its passengers by withdrawing services completely instead of trimming them appropriately in these hard times?

Will BA ever regain its regal status in Asia as a good European carrier as it continues to cut its passenger base in Asia?
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RE: BA Ditching Asia?

Tue Jan 22, 2002 9:27 pm

Where's the problem when you connect through HKG on flights from TPE or MNL? Stopover in a BA aircraft or changing from a CX aircraft to BA is almost the same. And CX's service is probably much better than BA's...
Other European carriers also withdrew from several airports in Asia. Who else flies to KUL? KLM? And? Who else flies to TPE?
Alliance connections can easily replace unprofitable direct flights and it seems that's the way of the future.

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RE: BA Ditching Asia?

Tue Jan 22, 2002 10:23 pm

That's right, and as Rod put it in similar words, BA can no longer be regarded as an extension of the British Foreign Office, flying here, there and everywhere just for the hell of seeing a little piece of Britain a long way from home.

I don't know why KUL was dropped, but similar has happened in other areas of the world, where it makes more sense to transfer pax on to other airlines.

BA is a business, rather than a state-owned public service, therefore it pursues routes where the demands are 'right'.

Plenty of people may want a LHR-KUL flight, but for one reason or the other, BA is not prepared to provide such a service-maybe they've made a big mistake, maybe not.

I have to say that it nevertheless does surprise me that KUL is not served by BA...