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Japan's Floating Airport

Wed Aug 11, 1999 4:07 am

I was just listening to NWCN (Northwest Cable News) here in SEA...they had a little blip about a floating airport that the Japanese have just finished in Tokyo. Does anyone have other info on this? Thanks in advance, FLY777UAL
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RE: Japan's Floating Airport

Wed Aug 11, 1999 6:47 am


Yes, there was an article in one of the UK papers last week.

I don't know if it is designated a floating airport, but it was definately called a floating runway.

The pic showed the final section being lowered into place.

I wish I kept the article now. You could try the BBC News site to see if it has any info.

Gary Watt
Aberdeen, Scotland

Test Airport Near Tokyo

Wed Aug 11, 1999 8:32 am

The runway is "only" 1000 metres long.
They have it parked somewhere near Tokyo.
It is just a test.
In the future they may plan to use the technology for civil aviation, but my guess is the first application will be to alleviate Okinawa's burden of hosting the US military. There has been talk for several years now about moving a helicopter base offshore in Okinawa.

By the way, Kobe (very near Osaka) will start building an offshore runway on a manmade island very soon. Nagoya (an hour away by train) is building a similar project. Osaka has started pouring dirt to build a second island right next to Kansai Airport (KIX) to add a second runway.

These projects make floating, mobile runways a serious possibility (especially if sea levels rise 5 meters in the next 100 years!)