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QF 737 Makes Emergency Landing At Raaf Base

Thu Jan 24, 2002 5:12 pm

Radio Australia Extract:

Qantas jet makes emergency landing at RAAF base

A passenger jet operated by Australian airline Qantas has made an emergency landing in outback Australia ... and all 130 people on board are safe.

The passengers are stranded at the Curtin R-double-A-F base near Derby on the remote north-west coast of Western Australia.

Qantas says the 7-3-7was a charter flight from the Argyle Diamond mine to Perth, but only made it as far as Curtin when the Captain noticed an error light indicating there was a problem with the oil filter in the right hand engine.

He shut down the engine and diverted to the Curtin base.

The right hand tyre blew out on landing but Qantas says all 130 passengers and crew arrived safely.

The company says on initial inspection there seems to be nothing wrong with the oil filter but further tests will be carried out today."
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