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Eastern And PanAm

Wed Aug 11, 1999 12:41 pm

I was wondering if anyone knows what sites have info on Eastern and Pan Am's fleet and route maps before they went out of business. Also, does anyone know what major hubs each of these airlines had besides JFK and MIA? Thanks for your help!

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RE: Eastern And PanAm

Wed Aug 11, 1999 12:54 pm

I don't know of any websites with maps. Eastern had hubs in Miami, Atlanta, Kansas City, San Juan, Philadelphia, and to a certain extent New York (all three New York airports). Pan Am used JFK, Miami, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and London.
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RE: Eastern And PanAm

Wed Aug 11, 1999 1:15 pm

living in miami easterns main hubs were atlanta which at its peak had around 315 dpartures and miami with 160 departures,the othrs were really mini hubs.pan am had about 90departures out of miami at its peak and i believe around 50 or 60 out of jfk,as far route maps for both good luck in finding that,and not sure on the total flights out of the european hub in frankfurt
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RE: Eastern And PanAm

Wed Aug 11, 1999 1:58 pm

Well this might not me the answer to your question but i have a site that has quite a few links to "former airlines". There are links to both Eastern sites and Pan Am sites.

Hope this helps.