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AA/IB, A Done Deal?

Sun Jan 27, 2002 12:33 am

My gut feeling and guess is that AA will soon join forces with IB and apply for US antitrust immunity. I think this is such a natural fit. They may possibly take Finnair into their fold. Finland has an openskies with the US, so that is one less problem. However, as far as I know Spain does not. I have done a lot of research on the internet and elsewhere and unles it happened very. very recently, Spain does not have an open skies with the US. So unless they apply very, very soon and beat the EU deadline that is rapidly approaching, this too may fall betweent the cracks. Does any one know with absolute certainty if Spain does have an openskies with the US? Also does anyone think that AA/IB are likely to do something as I described sooner rather than later? Sooner like being a few weeks? Your thoughts please.
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RE: AA/IB, A Done Deal?

Sun Jan 27, 2002 2:48 am

and why not a deal AA/IB/FINNAIR/DAT.
Don't forget that Sabena and AA had a antitrust immunity .
And why not THe new swiss airline , it's one seems to go to LH but that's a real dream never EU accept a LH/ex-SR/Austrian /SAS into STAR.

It's time for Oneworld, go ahead AA and forget BA, you are so strong at LHR alone, don't cry, in Europe there are others interested partners.
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RE: AA/IB, A Done Deal?

Sun Jan 27, 2002 3:06 am

I think AA/IB is more likely to go through than AA/BA. Barajas(MAD) is open to any airline, and I am not sure if it is slotted either.

Flying Isd, I think there really is a chance at that happening and I wouldn't doubt it either. American doesn't need to fly to every european destination, and they shouldn't have to.

I think Iberia and Finnair are the best picks for AA. AA is already partnered with Finnair, so they might expand that, and they should see if they can get immunity with Iberia. All of the airlines are in Oneworld.


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RE: AA/IB, A Done Deal?

Sun Jan 27, 2002 3:18 am

You are absolutely right flying lsd, DAT/Fin/Iberia would give AA access to airports where there is a lot of growth posibilities and airlines that have hubs that are not to close.
I hope this becomes reality!!
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RE: AA/IB, A Done Deal?

Sun Jan 27, 2002 3:47 am

I agree than an alliance between AA/IB or AA/FinnAir is more likely to be apporved, but I still think that AA/BA should also be allowed to cooperate without any restrictions.
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