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Multiple Flight Numbers, One Flight

Sun Jan 27, 2002 12:02 pm

I know that many flight now have more than one flight number due to codeshares eg. the Air NZ flight from AKL to LAX carries a UA/NZ/AC/LH/MX flight number, but why do some carriers have more than one flight number with their prefix.


NZ 98, 28th Jan 02 CHC AKL also operates as


In a word, why?
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RE: Multiple Flight Numbers, One Flight

Sun Jan 27, 2002 2:13 pm

I don't know about this particular NZ case, and the following practice has been largely discontinued by most US carriers, but occasionally if the aircraft continues on to multiple downline destinations it may carry a different flight number even though it is the same carrier code.

For example, a flight going LAX-PHX-ABQ-DFW-STL could conceivably be marketed as flight 100 LAX-PHX, and flight 101 LAX-ABQ, and again still as 102 LAX-DFW, and yet again as flight 102 LAX-STL. The reason for such a mixed up system is that as long as there are less than 5 stops, each flight could be marketed as a direct flight, i.e. flight 100 LAX-ABQ (even though there is an intermediate stop in PHX) and a completely different marketing segment, flight 101 LAX-DFW even though it makes 2 intermediate stops in PHX and ABQ, and so on.
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RE: Multiple Flight Numbers, One Flight

Sun Jan 27, 2002 2:39 pm

I think the case with this is that NZ92, NZ105, NZ113 and NZ125 are all international flightsthat either come into CHC, or are going from AKL (92 would be an asian flight, the other three would be australian). They all connect through on the same aircraft from AKL-CHC... At least thats what I recall from several searches... I am sure TG992 can shed some more light on it...

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RE: Multiple Flight Numbers, One Flight

Sun Jan 27, 2002 10:45 pm

As HA2vegas said, it is purely for marketing purposes. It allows Air New Zealand to show direct services to different destinations although it is actually a connection, in this case AKL. Iberia is famous for it on their MAD-MIA flight. Several flights into MAD from spanish cities connect with this funnel flight to MIA then onwards beyond MIA to Caribbean and Latin American destinations. The MAD-MIA flight has something like 6 flight numbers on it.

The reason is direct flights and nonstops have better GDS displays to travel agents then do connections. That way when a travel agent pulls up BCN-MIA, IB always goes to the top of the screen (which is often booked first and generally preferred to a connection) with AF over CDG, BA over LHR, CO over EWR etc. getting lower displays.