Boeing Buys 17 A340s

Thu Aug 12, 1999 12:16 pm

Hi all.
A while ago we were discussing SQ's order of 10 777s and that Boeing was to buy SQ's A340-300s as part of the deal. According to a piece from the Associated Press -emanating from Seattle mind you...- Boeing is buying 17 SQ A340s and will try to sell them back. The piece also says that Boeing did this once before when in 1985 they bought 3 A310s from Kuwait and sold them 767s in exchange. The planes were later sold to Pan Am at a loss.
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RE: Boeing Buys 17 A340s

Thu Aug 12, 1999 12:46 pm

In the agreement the airline will have to try to sell the planes before a specific date (not sure what that is). What ever is not sold will be bought buy Boeing at a agreed upon price. Boeing will then sell the planes to an all Airbus customer cheaper than what Airbus can sell a new A-340 for.
There is a twist Airbus is going to withdraw all support for the aircraft that Boeing buys and sells to an Airbus customer. No warranties will be honored it will all lay in Boeings hands. Yes this will probably cost Boeing money BUT this will probably cost Airbus a customer or two or three also.
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RE: Boeing Buys 17 A340s

Thu Aug 12, 1999 2:01 pm

From what I heard Airbus issued a retraction/clarification to that saying that any user of those A340s will have to re-negotiate a contract with Airbus for parts and maintinence and whatever service the airline needs. Boeing may take a loss trying to dispose of those planes but it sure does make Airbus look foolish for saying that any other operator of those aircraft won't get any support. What a nice way to treat your customers!
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RE: Boeing Buys 17 A340s

Thu Aug 12, 1999 10:39 pm

If Boeing sells to a customer with a bunch of A340's in its fleet already, is it that important? I mean, that customer probably doesn't need Airbus to help maintain its planes.