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Last Vanguard 737-200 To DEN Tommorow

Wed Jan 30, 2002 11:00 am

The last Vanguard 737-200 to Denver will be tommorow.

Starting January 31st, Vanguard will operate only MD-80s into DEN.

The current schedule is 3x MD-80, 1x MD-87, 1x 737-200.

Flight #325 will depart Kansas City (MCI) at 10:00AM and arrive in Denver (DEN) at 10:45AM. Flight #457 departs Denver (DEN) back to Kansas City (MCI) at 11:15AM and arrives in Kansas City (MCI) at 1:45PM.

Starting January 31st, the 737-200 will be replaced by an MD-80. Vanguard's schedule into DEN will then be 4x MD-80, 1x MD-87.

Frontier Airlines will be the only carrier to operate 737-200s in Denver (DEN).  Sad

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RE: Last Vanguard 737-200 To DEN Tommorow

Wed Jan 30, 2002 12:05 pm

Tragic news. I have seen one from far away in the lineup, but never upclose. Too bad, but I don't get why nobody cares about this. I certainly do. I guess we'll have to stick with Frontier on the 737-200.
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RE: Last Vanguard 737-200 To DEN Tommorow

Wed Jan 30, 2002 12:59 pm

wow... it's getting really hard to fly a 732 here in the southern mid west region.......

I flew one on United last May... they're all gone.

Southwest still has quite a few, and that's about it. Delta doesn't fly them mainliner anymore...

Vanguard's are gone...

Frontiers will be gone in a year or so...


Not as sad, in my opinion, as when AA flies it's last 727... which will be soon. I will really miss seeing them here at DFW... lined up next to the MD-80s, they had sleek good looks...
I will probably never fly a 727 again. I thought I was going to this March, but last night I looked at AA's schedule again and discovered that they have changed the equipment to the new 738. We just got those here at dallas last... November, I think... took em awhile... but I'd prefer the 727.

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RE: Last Vanguard 737-200 To DEN Tommorow

Wed Jan 30, 2002 2:00 pm


Saw N121NJ twice this weekend, a beautiful bird, sad to see her go.....Crazy times watching these birds become extinct...Ry
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RE: Last Vanguard 737-200 To DEN Tommorow

Wed Jan 30, 2002 3:44 pm

Thankfully, I'm scheduled for at least one more ride from DEN on a Frontier 732 in April. Denver to Houston, actually. I've flown many of these over the years, starting with USAir's 732s. Sad to see them go...they have character and charm, if not comfort =) Always liked watching the clamshell reversers on touchdown too.


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