JAL/JAS Announce Japan Airlines System

Thu Jan 31, 2002 12:46 am

As announced on November 12, Japan Airlines and Japan Air System have reached a basic agreement on integration of the two air transport groups, through an incorporated holding company, after obtaining the necessary approvals from the government bodies concerned and the companies' shareholders.

This announcement was followed on December 26 with the announcement of agreement on the stock swap ratio of between JAL and JAS and the proposed new holding company.

Today details of the organisation of the new Corporate Group company are announced, together with the name of the holding company due to be established as of October 2, 2002 (phase 1 of the merger), and the key business division names to be introduced in Spring 2004 (phase 2).

New Corporate Group name and brand (name)

(1) Corporate Group name: (Nihon Koku Group) English: Japan Airlines Group
(2) Group brands (names) (Nihon Koku) Japan Airlines, JAL
(3) Group logo - under study

Business Strategy:
(1) International routes

We will merge the international networks of both companies. A key element will be a comprehensive network serving China. We will also develop our Asian network. We will also concentrate resources on high demand routes to Europe and the USA. We will also expand through alliances to further increase competitive power.

(2) Domestic routes

We will increase frequencies and also provide services on routes that are now monopoly routes of other airlines. Our aim is wider domestic network, promoting competition and customer convenience. We will increase efficiency through better scheduling and more efficient aircraft management.

(3) Cargo

We will improve All-cargo services by the expansion of high value added cargo transport, developing a new management organisation to handle customer needs more promptly

Source: Japan Airlines

Looks like we're going to see new Japan Airlines' new logo soon! Smile