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Sorry CaptPeter

Wed Dec 09, 1998 5:16 am

I am sorry to hear that your father will be losing his job for Boeing in Toronto. Unfortunately, Canadian parts of Boeing will probably be hit hard due to Air Canada's recent order for just Airbus aircraft and snottily looking down upon Boeing.
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RE: Sorry CaptPeter

Wed Dec 09, 1998 5:21 am

Air Canada needs to do an about face and order only Boeing!
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RE: Sorry CaptPeter

Wed Dec 09, 1998 8:34 am

Air Canada needs to make up their mind!
Right now WestJet looks more promising then
AC! I love AC's paint job!!!!

RE: Sorry CaptPeter

Fri Dec 11, 1998 9:03 am

Actually he already lost his job. He lost it in October.
He has many other oppurtunites in other places so don't worry about it too much.

The idiots at Boeing even took the McDonnell Douglas sign down at the plant and didn't replace it with anything, probably since they are most likely to close it down anyway.