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CO Mike

Sun Aug 15, 1999 4:01 am

I've seen some recent photos of 727s and 757s operating in the So. Pac/Asia region. Of course these a/c are operating for CO Mike, but they did not have the 'usual' Micronesia titles. Is this to be standard, or were these a/c just operating rotation out of the minline fleet?

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RE: CO Mike

Sun Aug 15, 1999 5:34 am

As far as I am aware, the "Micronesia" titles started going quite some time ago. Air Mike will from all appearances seem to be Continental only from henceforth.

RE: CO Mike

Sun Aug 15, 1999 6:26 am

Interestingly, the Micronesia name was to be applied to the 757's, but the engineers couldn't find a way to get MICRONESIA without running into the second door, so it was omitted. Nowadays, the CMI fleet fluctuates with the mainline with such frequency, that it is better off leaving it out entirely. I once remember seeing a "Continental Micronesia" DC-10-10 at Houston, set to depart for Newark!
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RE: CO Mike

Mon Aug 16, 1999 12:57 am

The 757s are for the most part ETOPS rated equipment if I'm not mistaken and they are routinely flown back to the states for service on CO trunk routes, and even include CO's smaller routes to Europe flown with the 757.

Eventually there may be a dedicated fleet of 757s just for Air Mike, but right now it fluctuates. Air Mike does have DC-10-10 and DC-10-30, along with 727-200s complete in its lettering, you'll probably see the 737-800s recieve this as well.

(I wonder how the folks on the Island Hopper route are going to think about the 737-800 (BG)'s a source of talk on Guam and Saipan from what I hear.)

I expect more of a definition of fleet painting once their 767-200/400 and 777-200 fleet are completely online and the phaseout of older equipment is finished, then you'll see a more established brand name on their fleet. Until then, you'll see the gaps in identity even though they are essentially all the same. (G)


RE: CO Mike

Mon Aug 16, 1999 2:41 am

All of the DC-10-10's are out of service with CMI. The 738's arrive in September. These will progressively replace the 757's until Pacific load factors increase. I seriously doubt "Micronesia" will ever appear again on aircraft. Now that CO itself flies to Asia, they want to have a common identity for their passengers. The only real reason Continental Micronesia still exists as a name is because it operates under it's own certificate, and most of the route authorities in the region are given to CS Continental Micronesia, not CO Continental.
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RE: CO Mike

Mon Aug 16, 1999 4:53 pm

Air Mke has 4 dedicated 757's. Ships 127-130. They are configured 14/177, whereas the domestic 757's are 24/159. As the 738's replace them, those 757's will be reconfigured and put in the domestic flow. I would assume that the 738's will have a smaller First Class than their mainland cousins.... this being the pattern on Air Mike's 727's.
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