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Cabin Announcement!

Sat Feb 02, 2002 9:00 pm

Hi !
I've just read a topic about funny airlines announcement...
As I know there are lots of f/a's here, can one of them write the COMPLETE cabin announcement before take off and after landing, in English and in French if possible ?
Thank you  Wink/being sarcastic
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 2:06 am

anybody ??
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 4:46 am

i never made funny announcements, the thing is on emirates or any government owned airline, you have to go by the book... except for some times when you need to make some announcments and inform the passengers about some thing that just came up
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 5:39 am

Sorry, I think there's a misunderstanding: I've always been "fascinated" in cabin anouncement, I don't want you to tell me funny anouncement, just the standards anoucement before take off "Welcome on board, etc..." and after landing "thank you for having flown with us, etc..."
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 5:43 am

After the experience of a 12 week "stage"/internship with Air France at TLS, I never heard any announcements out of the ordinary. While the French have a stereotype for being lax about the execution of procedures, it is my experience that they are rarely funny.

I could recite the boarding process announcement for you though!
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 5:43 am

Yes I am fascinated with it as well....
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 5:46 am

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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 5:48 am

yes flpuck6, could please you recite the boarding process anouncement, and the safety anouncement (oxygen masks, lifevests, seatbelts...) ?  Laugh out loud
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 6:13 am

AOMlover, here it goes...forgive my errors in grammar and remember, this announcement can vary, it is not the only way to say it. The part about the non-smoking and the portables is often not said. Sorry, don't konw the safety announcement...but it's much shorter than those here in the US! And they really do need to work on the translations!

Bonjour Mesdames/Messieurs. Nous allons proceder avec l'embarquement du vol Air France 6115 a destination de Paris Orly-Ouest, porte numero XX. Nous vous rappellons que ce vol est non-fumeur et merci d'eteindre vos telephones portables jusqu'a votre arrivee a Paris. Nous invitons dans un premier temps les passagers assis de rangees 20-25. Merci de presenter une piece d'identite avec votre carte d'embarquement. Air France, membre de Sky Team, vous souhaite un agreable voyage.

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Emirates Airlines

Sun Feb 03, 2002 6:29 am


head flight attendant : "Ladies and gentle men, this is to inform you that the aircraft door is closed at the moment and that we are ready for departuer. in order for the us to push back, we would require that all of the passengers are seated at the moment with seat belts fastened and seats in upright position. carry on luggage now should be either in the over head compartments or under the seat infront of you. Cabin crew will be passing to make their final safety checks before departure. "

First officer: "cabin crew, please set doors to automatic and prepare for departure"

Head flight attendant "good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome on board emirates airlines on this flights in service to dubai international, our flight is approximately 7 hours and 15 minuites, we will be cruising at an altitude of 40,000ft. this is your first class purser and head flight attendan 'x' speaking to you, and i would like to inform you that international safety egulation we are required to play a demonstration vedio of safety instruction on this 777-300, please pay attention to this tape as it might safe your life shall an emergency occurs. at the same time, cabin crew will be standing near the emergency exits to point to your nearest exits during the demo. "

plane starts to push back, then engines starts and start taxi,

after taxi and while proceeding the threshold captain announces :

"cabin crew, PLease take positions for take off"

plane takes off then ascends, after reaching cruising attitude:
"Ladies and gentlemen, in case if you havent noticed, the seat belt signs are turned off, you may use the lavatories and move around the cabin, mean while we would like to ask you to remain seated with your seatbelts fastened shall an unexpected turbelance occurs. Cabin crew will be passing the lunch meal, we hope that you enjoy your ptv channels and your lunch, as a reminder, smoking is prohibited on all emirates airlines flights since 1/august/2001".

Duty free announcement:
"ladies and gentlemen, cabin crew wil be passing with the duty free carts. we accept most currencies and credit cards"

another meal : "ladies and gentlemen, cabin crew will be passing another snack with beverages, we will be starting our descent in an hour and half, please enjoy your meal and if you needed further assistance, contact your cabin attendant"

prior to descent " ladies and gentlemen, , in 5 minuites we will be starting our descent to Dubai international airport, the audio proportion of this flight have ended, cabin crew will be passing to collect the heaphones"


"ladies and gentle men, in 20 minuites we are landing in dubai international airport, as you can see that we have already started descent, please fasten your seat belts, return your seats to their upright positions and store your hand luggage either in the over head compartments or under the seat infront of you, cabin crew will be passing by to clean up the cabin and perform their final safety checks."

5 miniutes later,

"ladies and gentlemen, we have reached an altitude that requires that all electronic devices to be switched off including vedio cams, lap tops and cd/cassete players, please make sure that all of these devices are switched off."

befor final approach : "ladies and gentle men, as a safety regulation, the cabin lights will be dimmed for landing" (Lights dimmed and tv screens switched off) {if it was an A330, the TV screens will be retracted to the ceiling).

at final approach the captain will announce "Cabin crew, please be seated for touchdown"

planes touch down, then "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to dubai international airport, local time is 12:30 AM, and the temprature is 35C, with 80% humidity, please stay seated until all docking procedures are performed and cabin lights switched on. on behalf emirates airlines we would like to thank you for flying with us" plus if it was a shorthaul flight the following will be added "if this was your final destination
we hope that you enjoyed flying with us and love to see you soon on emirates airlines, and if you this wasnt your final destination and your next flight is in more than 72 hours, please make sure to reconfirm your flights, other wise , it will result in your reservation being cancelled"
plane taxi's to the gate and first officer announces : "Cabin crew, please disarm emergency exits for arrival"

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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 6:35 am

Fly_Emirates, the announcements sound great! A far cry from those of US carriers. Emirates has an excellent world-wide reputation, I'm sure you know that. Albeit the airlines fly different routes, appeal to different types of fliers, the US carriers need to follow suit. On recent travels, I found any and all announcements to be abrupt and un-courteous.
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 7:04 am

Gdabski, thank you for the link !
Fly Emirates, thank you very much, your rep^ly is very helpful !
Flpuck6, in Summer 2000 I travelled with AOM in an MD83 from Marseille to Paris, and the cabin crew did the demo (in A340's and DC10's there are videos). I tried to remember what was told, I think it was:
Before pushback:
"Mesdames et Messieurs la compagnie AOM est heureuse de vous accueillir à bord de cet MD83. Notre vol étant complet ce soir nous vous demandons de bien vouloir occuper les places qui vous ont été attribuées lors de l'enregistrement"
After doors closure, the captain said something like "Commandant de bord à équipage, renndre compte"
then, "AOM vous souhaite la bienvenue à bors de ce MD 83. Notre vol à destination de Paris Orly aura une durée de 1h.20mn. environ."
and the safety demo began (I only remember some specific sentences):
"Nous vous rappelons que vous devrez garder vos ceintures de sécurité attachées et vos tabelettes relevees durant les phases de décollage, d'aterrissage et si nous traversons des zones de turbulance. Vous ne pourrez détacher vos ceintures de sécurité seulement losrque la consigne lumineuse au dessus de vous dera éteinte, cependant nous vous conseillons de gardez vos ceintures attachées tant que vous restez assis. Les ceintures de sécurité s'attachent, s'ajustent et se détachent de cette manière." "en cas de dépressurisation de la cabine, des masques à oxygène se présenteront automatiquement à votre portée. Si cela se produit, prenez un masque, placez l'emboutr devant votre bouche, enfilez l'élastique derrière votre tete et respirez normalement. Si un enfant se trouve à côté de vous, aidez-le". "Cet appareil possède 8 issues de secours: 2 à l'avant, deux au niveau des ailes et 2 a l arriere de l appareil. Ces issues de secours vous sont indiquées par des panneaux "exit". Dans le cas d'une évacuation de l'appareil, leur cheminement vous sera facilite par des marquages lumineux au sol." "(in the A340) en cas d'amerrissage, vous trouverez des gilets de sauvetage. En classe Azur, ces gilets se trouvent sous vos sièges. En classe Opale, ces gilets se trouvent entre vos sièges. Pour utiliser votre gilet de sauvetage, enfilez-le, attachez la sangle autour de votre taille. Pour gonfler votre gilet, tirez sur la sangle rouge. Le gonflage des gilets de sauvetage s'effectue à l'extérieur de l'appareil et sur ordre de l'équipage" "Nous vous rappelons que ce vol est exclusivement non-fumeur. Il est également interdit de fumer dans les toilettes. En cas de non respect de cette interdiction, une alarme sonore retentira." " Vous trouverez un recapitulatif de ces consignes de securité dans la plaquette situee en face de vous".
Then the captain spoke "Je vous souhaite la bienvenue a bord et je vous demande de respecter l interdiction de fumer."
Before take off:"Equipage en position decollage" puis "Décollage dans la minute".
After landing: "Merci d'avoir choisi AOM. Nous nous excusons pour le retard. Nous vous rappelons que vous ne devrez pas detacher vos ceintures de securite avant l arret complet de l appareil. La sortie s'effectue a l avant gauche de l appareil. Lres passagers en correspondance pour la Réunion pourront s'adresser a notre hotesse d'escale pour des renseignements concernantleur correspondance".
Perhaps I've forot some things...
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 7:41 am

Here is the SkyWest Brasilia announcments.

"Good ______ ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome aboard United Express operated by SkyWest flight ____ service to _____. Prior to closing the boarding door, be sure that your carry on items are securly stowed in the overhead compartments or under the seat infront of you.

Portable Electronic devices such as but is not limited to the use of CD players, calculators and Laptop computers should now be switched off and remain so until ten minutes after take off. You may continue to use cell phones while the boarding door is open.

For those passengers seated in an exit row, rows 6 and 9BC you may be required to assist the crew in an emergency evacuation. Please make sure that you have read the exit row briefing card and that you meet all of the exit row seating requriments.

I'll be comming through the cabin shortly to assit with stowing your carry on items. Thank you, and welcome aboard."


"Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, I'd like to welcome you onboard United Express operated by SkyWest flight ___ service to _____. In command of our aircraft is Captain_______ assisted by First officer _____. My name is _______ and I will be your flight attendant.

Located in the Seat Pocket infront of you is a safety briefing card. Please pull the card out and read along as we cover the important safety features of this EMB120 Brasilia.

There are four emergency exits on this Brasilia. The main cabin door in which you entered, two overwing exits at row 6, and one behind the wing exit on the right hand side of row 9. Each exit is indicated with an eye level and a floor level exit sign. Take a moment to locate the exits nearest your seat, in some cases your nearest exit may be behind you. If there is a loss of this aircrafts electrical power, floor level emergency lights will automatically illuminate to guide you to an exit.

In the event of a water landing, your seat coushin may be used as a flotation device. Simply remove it from the seat, place your arms through the staps, and hug the coushin to your chest as shown on the bottom of the briefing card.

The cabin is being pressurized on this flight. If we were to loose cabin pressure, an Oxygen mask will drop from the compartment above the aisle. To start the flow of oxygen, simply pull the mask towars you, place the cup of the mask over your nose and your mouth, and slip the elastic strap over the back of your head. Tighten the straps if necessary. Although the bag will not infate, oxygen is still flowing to your mask. Be sure to secure your own mask before assisting others who may need your assistance.

In preperation for take off, please fasten your seatbelt low and tight across your lap. Insert the flat metal fitting into the buckle, and tighten by pulling on the loose end of the strap. To release, lift the face plate of the buckle. It is important that you keep your seat belt fastened at all times when seated.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for listening. In preperation for take off, please make sure that your seat belts are fastened, tray trables are locked and stowed, and that your carry-on items are put away.

Smoking and the use of smoke less tobacco is prohibited on all SkyWest flights. Tampering with, disabling or destroying a lavitory smoke detector is prohibited by law.

Passenger compliance is required with all lighted signs, placards, and crew member instructions.

For those of you unfamilliar with the operation of the seat belt and the oxygen mask, I will now demonstrate. Thank you for your attention, and welcome aboard."


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Qantaslink B717 Announcments

Sun Feb 03, 2002 10:00 am

hi aom -

im a qantaslink b717 fa...

****doors close
ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard your qantas like flt qf... to ... your purser today is ..., my name is ... and your other fa's are ... and ... we join together offering a warm welcome to our oneworld customers travelling with us today.

as we make our final preparations for departure fas will be coming through the cabin to ensure that your hand luggage is stowed either under the seat in front of you or in the locker above your head. hand luggage should not block exits or ailses.

if you are seated in the first row of the cabin or at emergency exits in rows 15 and 16, it is a saftey requirment that your hand luggage is stowed in an o/head locker.

if you would like assistance in stowing your handluggage please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

your seat belt should no be fastened, your tray table secured and your seat back upright.

mobile phones should be switched off now.

our approx flying time to ... is ... minutes we look forward to making your flt enjoyable.

***doors arm
cabin crew arm doors and cross check.

***safety demo
cabin crew to your safety briefing stations...

ladies and gentlemen we remind you once again that portable electronic devices do interfere with a/c systems. please switch off your mobile phone and other transmitting devices now. other electronic devices may be operated in cruise flight.

over the next few minutes we have important information regarding the emergency equipment aboard this a/c and we need your full attention.

please read the safety instruction car loacted in the seat pocket in front of you.

civil aviation laws require the customers comply with the instructions of the crew and safty notices and signs provided by the airline.

your seatbelt fastens like this. to toghten pull the strap and to release lift the faceplate. ensure your seat belt is fastened low and tight.

should oxygen be required a mask like this will drop from the unit above your head. pull the mask down to start the flow of oxygen. place the mask over your nose and mouth and breath normally. secure the mask and adjust like this. fit and adjust your own mask first befire assisting others.

a lifejacket is located under your seat. should it be requiored remove the jacket from its container and place it over your head. pass the tape around your waist and fasten in front. to toghten pull the tape. once at the exit ready to leave the aircraft inflate the jacket by pulling on the red tags. there are two mouthpieces for further inflation, a light which comes on in the water and a whistle to attract attention. infant life jackets will be provided and fitted by the crew.

the b717 has seven emergency exits. these are clearly marked and being pointed out to you now. two doors in the forward cabin, four overwing exits and a door at the rear of the cabin. look around for your nearest exit whoch may be behind you and identify alternative exits. in an emergency seat mounted lights will direct you to the exits, red lights indicate o/wing exits.

for take off all handluggage should be secured either under the seat in front of you or in the locker above.

this is a non smoking flight. smoking is not permitted anywhere in the aircraft.

ladies and gentlemen we trust your flight will be pleasant and comfortable. thank you for your attention.

***after takeoff/crew release - two chimes
ladies and gentlemen please continue to observe the fasten seat belt sign and we remind you that smoking is prohibited on this flight. your seatbelt should be fasten comfortably at all times during the flight.

hertz and thrifty offer generous rates to qantaslink customers. you will find booking desks in the airport terminal.

we will shortly be offering a bar service. beer may be purchased for $5, wine and spirits for $6.

your dinner choices on this flight are hot .... the cold option is .... (insert applicable meal / cycle info.)

this will be followed by tea and coffee.

for your comfort toilets are located at the front and rear of the cabin. baby change facilites are available.

we invite you now to set back and enjoy our qantas lnflight service.

***top of descent
ladies and gentlemen we have commenced our descent. please ensure that all electronic equipment is switched off. that concludes our inflight service and the aircraft bars are now closed. insert port of arrival p.a.

***fasten seatbelt sign
ladies and gentlemen the captain has asked us to prepare for landing. your seatbelt should now be fasten, your seat back upright and your tray table stowed. handluggage must once again be placed under the seat in front or in the lockers above. please take a moment to review your safety card in preparation for landing.

***welcome pa
ladies and gentlemen wlecome to ... where the time is now ... as we taxi toward the terminal please remain seated unti the fasten seatbelt sign has been switched off. as you disembark please ensure nothing is left on the seats, in the seat pockets and in the o/head lockers above. please be careful when you open the o/head lockers as items of handluggage can move during flight.

if you would like assistance with disembarkation please remain behind and a fa will be happy to help you.

finally we would like to say good bye to you now. it has been a pleasure having you on board, we trust you have enjoyed the flight and we look forward to you flying qantaslink again soon. thank you and good morning
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 12:26 pm

Always made me grin when the say about the oxygen mask usage to "breathe NORMALLY"! Who would be breathing that way IF the masks have deployed? I don't think too many people would IF they said "attempt to breathe normally" maybe?
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 12:58 pm

Aeroflot Russian International Airlines:

Уважаемые пассажиры, добро пожаловать на борт наш самолет Туполев сто пятьдесять четырый, выпольнающий рейс SU тридцать три сорок два, на маршруте Москва-Санкт-Петербург. Коммандир коробля - Вячеслав Алексеевич Калугин - привествует вас. Время нашего сегоднящнего полета совершится один час, пятьдесять минут. Уважаемые пассажиры, во время полета предлагаются разные охложденные и спиртные напитки, а также целый ряд товаров по продаже "Дюти-Фри." Пожалуйста, будте любезними, застегните ремни безопасности. Если мы можем вам чем-то помощь во время полета, то пожалуйста, нажмите на кнопку с верху вашего кресла, и мы к вам подойдем. Желаем вам приятного полета. Благодарю за внимание.

Ladies and gentlement, welcome aboard our aircraft, Tupolev 154, Flight number SU 3342, on the route from Moscow to Sankt-Petersburg. Commander Vyacheslav Alexeyevich Kalugin greets you. Our flying time today will be one hour, fifty minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, on board our flight today, we are pleased to offer cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, as well as an assortment of Duty Free goods for sale. Please fasten your seatbelts. If we can help you with anything during the flight, please press the button over your seat, and we will assist you. We wish you a pleasant flight. Thank you.

This is as much as I can remember from my most recent flight on Aeroflot, which was in 1999. Big grin
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 3:56 pm

Boarding announcements don't get any better than on SWA!
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 4:09 pm

How true Concorde. "Place the oxygen mask over your nose and mouth and it will provide you with lots of oxygen. Snicker, snicker. Yeah right, lots of oxygen"
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RE: Cabin Announcement!

Sun Feb 03, 2002 6:10 pm

Thank you very much for all your replies !  Laugh out loud

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