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Sun Feb 03, 2002 10:41 pm

Hi friends!

When will we see the A318 in each european airport for testing and so long?
Any idea when it will come to MAD?

Many thanks
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RE: A318

Mon Feb 04, 2002 9:08 am


Maybe if Air France put the A318 in some routes to Madrid or Barcelona, but I doubt that because Air France operates to Spain A320, A321 and 737-500. And from Lyon and the anothers regional hub the flights are operated by regional aircraft.

And Iberia why not introduce the A318 in Spain?.

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RE: A318

Mon Feb 04, 2002 11:18 am

That thing's so small! It's a "MicroBus"! I can see how it's good for some routes and things, but I just can't get over how small it is for a "commercial jetliner," not a "regional jetliner."
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RE: A318

Mon Feb 04, 2002 12:15 pm

I disagree! The A318, with it's long range, does not really qualify as a regional jet!
Next flight.... who knows.