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JetBlue's JFK Slots

Sun Aug 15, 1999 2:20 pm

Where is the new carrier, JetBlue, getting all of their t.o./landing slots at JFK? I thought JFK was full slot wise now, and it wasn't going to let any other carriers expand their holdings there.



RE: JetBlue's JFK Slots

Sun Aug 15, 1999 10:51 pm

Didn't the major airports, like DCA, ORD, and JFK do some sort of open slot agreement w/ the government? That explains the new terminals at ORD and JFK. Also, check JFK again. It isn't as full as you say. Terminal 6 has plenty of space. I know because I was there Thursday(8-12-99). I think an airport is full when just about every gate at the airport is used up to capacity.

Some other things you should know about JetBlue:
-70% of their flights will leave between the morning hours and 3 pm. Between 3 pm and 9 pm is heavy transatlantic traffic so JetBlue is only using those times at a minimum.
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RE: JetBlue's JFK Slots

Mon Aug 16, 1999 8:32 am

Jetblue-trans alantic??

RE: JetBlue's JFK Slots

Mon Aug 16, 1999 10:31 am

I believe that slot-controlled airports allow exemptions to slot constraints for new entrant carriers to begin service. JetBlue may be able to initiate service this way.
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RE: JetBlue's JFK Slots

Tue Aug 17, 1999 10:10 pm

No, JetBlue is not going trans-atlantic. The forum user was stating that between 3p.m. and 9p.m most slots at the airport are used for trans atlantic flights. Anyway, I think that the slot problem will be JetBlues achilles heal and ultimately cause their bankruptcy. I don't think the carrier will do that well.
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RE: JetBlue's JFK Slots

Wed Aug 18, 1999 9:20 am

jetblue shouldn't have any trouble with slots at jfk. earlier comment that jfk is at capacity only a few hours each day is correct; it's just during the evening trans-atlantic rush hour. the rest of the day, jfk sits almost empty!