767-200 Vs. 757-300

Sun Aug 15, 1999 11:01 pm

In response to Workbench's post on WN ordering 753s, if Southwest really did order 753s(but I know that is not happening), will Southwest benefit from the 753 rather than the 762? I know which plane will have better passenger comfort but which plane has better fuel economy?

RE: 767-200 Vs. 757-300

Mon Aug 16, 1999 1:11 am

The 757-300 has better fuel economy per seat mile then the 767-200. Both 753 and 762 have about the same range.

But the 767-200ER is a diffrent matter, wich the 762 has a much larger range then the 753. It's only what the airlines need, if they want a 753 capacity, with 767-300ER range, then the 767-200ER is your best bet.

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RE: 767-200 Vs. 757-300

Mon Aug 16, 1999 4:51 am

The 767-200 is out of production(I think)..Boeing does produce the 767-300 which most airlines use this for International service..UA has 14 total on order( 9 will be in fleet by years end) in a 2 class configuration..We use them to Hawaii and other routes within U.S..If WN looked to widebodies this would be the way to go..Would seat a few more than 757-300 in a single class configuration...
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RE: 767-200 Vs. 757-300

Mon Aug 16, 1999 5:32 am

The 767-200ER in not out of production, Continental has them order with Boeing.

Besides the range difference, an airline may choose a plane for fleet swapping during peak and slow times. For example, an airline may use 767-300 (or-400) during peak times and a smaller 767-200 during slow times. This allows the airline to keep crews the same where if they swapped to a different aircraft, that would require new crew basing.

Someone mentioned earlier Continental does this now with the 737NG flights, use different airplanes for the same flight depending on the day of the week. The 757-300 was choosen by airlines who fly 757-200. I am assuming for them to add extra seats, but stay with commonality.