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Mexicana Or Aeromexico?

Mon Aug 16, 1999 11:21 am

I am a Mexican aviation enthusiast. And I am sure many of you have travelled either by Mexicana or Aeromexico. Which airline do you prefer and why?
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RE: Mexicana Or Aeromexico?

Mon Aug 16, 1999 12:00 pm

I've only flown Mexicana once, about a year ago from Miami to Cancun but I was left with the impresion that Mexicana and Aeromexico were merging at the time.Check in was done by the same agents for both airlines and there was even some confusion as to what aircraft would operate to CUN even though my ticket sad Mexicana.Any more "info" on that out there?
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RE: Mexicana Or Aeromexico?

Mon Aug 16, 1999 12:22 pm

I flew Mexicana on a DC-10-(10?) in 1986(7?) on the MIA-Cancun. I flew in Aztec Gold Class. This of course was the hay-day of Mexicana. I believe they are jointly owned, but Mexicana is a higher class airline with more routes, better service, A/C; while Aero Mexico is a lower class "cattle class" airline. I think you should go with Mexicana. They both now fly simmilar MD82/88, with the exception of Aeromexico flying a 727

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Not Even Close Lanfan

Mon Aug 16, 1999 12:46 pm

LanFan's comments were 110% inaccurate. AMX and MXC are jointly owned by their parent company, CINTRA. As of now, there are now plans for the two to be merged, but the current ownership will be divested.
Aeromexicos fleet consists of DC930s, MD82/3/7/8s, 757-200, 767-200/300. The Mexicana fleet contains the F100, 727-200Adv, A320-200, and 757-200. Currently, the two airlines are helping each other, and sharing costs, code sharing, overall trying to save money. Historically, AMX has been the more 'service oriented' international carrier, but Mexicana has recently been expanding internationally as well. Domestic service on both airlines is as good or better than US airlines. On almost all flights, regardless of timne or flight duration, a meal is served. International service is top notch. A joint fleet purchasing plan may go into effect later this year, speciffically in regard to the 717/737NG, or A319/A320. Basically, youll get the same service pretty much on either airline.