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What Is Going On With The Bos-phl Route?

Thu Feb 07, 2002 6:38 am

i was looking back at my schedules and i noticed the bos-phl has had several cuts in the last year. first when ae started rj service on the route they had about 5 rj's. before 9/11 it went down to 3, and now there is only 1 rj and only 6 flights, down from 8 flights. why has the route seen a decrease in rj's not an increase? will the route see 8 flights again?

Now for delta connection. about a year ago just before ACA took over trans states operations, there was 8 daily flights from bos-phl with ERJ's. now that would make the total number of daily seats available at 400. now ACA only operates 4 daily flights with 32 seats. making the total number of daily seats 128. what is up with that? that is about a 75% decrease in the number of seats in one year. now i know there was 6 daily bos-phl flights before 9/11 but now there are only 4.
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RE: What Is Going On With The Bos-phl Route?

Thu Feb 07, 2002 7:34 am

One reason that DL might have gone to 4x daily is that US Airways is beating them pretty badly on PHL-BOS. Another reason is that the FRJs DL had are going to cities that didn't have DL service from BOS (BTV, BGR, PWM) or route changes (YUL went from Comair to ACA, DCA went from Shuttle/Comair to ACA) and these routes needed extra planes.