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TWA's European Routes

Tue Aug 17, 1999 11:36 am

Back during the mid 80's TWA operated many routes within Europe using the 727. Does anyone know where the crews that flew these aircraft were based?
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RE: TWA's European Routes

Tue Aug 17, 1999 12:22 pm

I personally flew a 727-200. FCO-IST. I believe that crews were based at FCO. There was also intra-european 727 service to Athens and Cairo, and I saw an L-1011 operating Paris-FCO. The aircraft I flew(in both directions) was N54338, but I believe that 727-100s were euro-based as well. A couple of them sported names like "City of Berlin" etc.. Hope this helps
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RE: TWA's European Routes

Wed Aug 18, 1999 7:23 am

Twa had a major, MAJOR hub at CDG! But then when American (stole) bought twa's lhr routes the whole Paris thing fell apart. All major European crew were based out of CDG. But slowly Twa Pulled out, then when stl was the new thing CDG was killed faster then (put corny joke here).Now twa still owns the "airside" at CDG but we only use two gates  
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RE: TWA's European Routes

Wed Aug 18, 1999 9:05 am

TWA had a German domestic network, using their 727-100's. They flew for example Stuttgart-Berlin Tegel, Hamburg-Berlin and Frankfurt-Berlin (I think). They were the only airline that served a warm meal on these short flights (appr. 1h flight time). The crews were mainly based at Tegel, but had overnight stops at the other destinations as well..

I also remember TWA's flight Stuttgart-Paris (or for a limited time I think Brussels)-Boston with a L1011...

United used to base a single 727 in Berlin Tegel only for their flight BER-LHR to connect to UA's longrange services ex LHR... the aircraft only flew TXL-LHR-TXL and then it rested another day...
later LH took over this flight as a codeshare.

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RE: TWA's European Routes

Thu Aug 19, 1999 9:03 pm

I think those German services were in fact flown by Pan Am, not TWA.
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RE: TWA's European Routes

Fri Aug 20, 1999 5:37 am

Hi I think like one of our enthusiasts said they're based in Rome, because I do recall an hijack donne in Athens that killed one person over there!
That was quite interesting seeing TWA doing the same like Pan Am! In Lisbon tough they flew with their long-range fleet!
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TWA German Services

Fri Aug 20, 1999 5:50 am

Hi Ryanair!

Ryanair wrote:
I think those German services were in fact flown by Pan Am, not TWA.

No. PanAm flew a lot of German services, but in the mid 1980's, TWA also started services on certain routes with the 727-100 and the hot meals.
LH was not allowed to fly to Berlin until 3.October 1990 (date of the reunification), so the flights from West Germany to West BErlin (Tegel) were operated by BA's 737-200 or BAe ATP, PanAm's B727-200 and Airbus 310 or PanAmExpress ATR-42, Air France with 737 and A320 and finally a joint venture of Air France and Lufthansa : Euroberlin France, using 737-300 leased by Monarch. TWA was just for three years or so on stage...

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