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Northwest A319's

Wed Aug 18, 1999 3:37 am

Does anybody know what routes Northwest is currently operating its A319's on? Has anybody seen Northwest's A319s? When did they get it? Northwest didn't seem to think that it was important enough to have a press release on their website.
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RE: Northwest A319's

Wed Aug 18, 1999 4:21 am

I don't think they've received any yet. Their website says they haven' says: "aircraft on order" A320, A319, A330", and the "aircraft in fleet" says: "727, 747, 757, MD-80, DC-9, A320, DC-10".

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RE: Northwest A319's

Wed Aug 18, 1999 4:25 am

NW didn't have a release, but I found this from the Detroit Free Press.

Aug. 11--Northwest Airlines Corp., which operates the oldest fleet of
planes in the airline industry, unveiled the first of its new line of
aircraft Tuesday at Detroit Metro Airport.
The Airbus A319 is a 124-seat European-made passenger jet with a range
of 3,500 miles and some of the most advanced electronics and computer systems
in the world. It's also more fuel efficient than Northwest's older planes.
Capt. Ed Davidson, Northwest's chief pilot in Detroit, called the A319
"the Ferrari of the fleet."
"Very smooth. It's a dream to fly. I love it," he said.
The airline has ordered 68 of the A319s from Airbus, which assembles the
planes in Hamburg, Germany. Northwest plans to take delivery of the planes
over the next five years. As it does, it will retire some older planes,
starting with eight MD80s, which average about 17 years old.
All told, Northwest has 125 new planes of various kinds on order -- the
equivalent of about 30 percent of its current fleet.
Ray Vecci, Northwest's president of Michigan operations, said the A319's
versatility will allow Northwest to use it on many kinds of routes. It can
fly coast to coast, but its smaller capacity will make it useful on
short-haul flights to smaller airports.
It will operate out of Detroit as well as Northwest's other hub cities,
Minneapolis-St. Paul and Memphis, Tenn.
Northwest held a party at its giant hangar at Metro to show off the A319
to its employees and the media. Workers were encouraged to autograph the jet
with marking pencil. The plane has been christened the "City of Duluth."
Northwest has been criticized for operating an old fleet. At the end of
1998, Northwest's 413 aircraft averaged 20 years old. That average crept up
from 19.9 years in 1997. The next-oldest U.S. fleet was TWA's at 16.2 years,
down 0.8 years from the year before.
But as Northwest and many safety experts point out, age does not limit a
plane's usefulness. There is no fixed maximum life for a plane. With proper
maintenance, many planes can fly almost forever.
The U.S. Air Force this year said it intends to fly its B52 bombers up
to another 40 years before retiring them. The long-range bombers, built in
1960 and 1961, already are older than most of the crews that fly them.
Ironically, the oldest planes in Northwest's fleet, its 173 DC9s, are
among its most reliable. The oldest of its DC9s are more than 30 years old.
But new planes do have advantages. The A319's electronic systems are
more advanced. There is more overhead bin space for storage.
Northwest's decision to buy Airbus planes instead of a similar aircraft
such as Boeing's 737 is a victory for the European manufacturer. The 737 is
the most widely used commercial jet in the world and is flown by many of
Northwest's competitors on routes similar to what the A319 will fly.
Northwest doesn't fly any 737s.
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RE: Northwest A319's

Wed Aug 18, 1999 4:43 am

It's already listed on the seat maps on NWA's website. What does that mean? From this press release, it sounds like they have it. Maybe not in operation?
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Wed Aug 18, 1999 4:44 am

NW sure isn't keen on updating their website! So much for that!

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RE: Northwest A319's

Wed Aug 18, 1999 5:33 am

I saw N302NB less than 8hrs ago at DTW. It was just delived 7 days ago. I remember looking at the reg# after noticing it to be an A319, and thinking with camera in hand and a grin on my face, N302"NewBus"  

They currently have 2 in service.
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RE: Northwest A319's

Wed Aug 18, 1999 6:06 am

Hi!!They are schedud to fly from Detoit to Washington both National and Dulles and also Laguardia and also Philadelphia for the first few months. The777Man
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News Flash ... News Flash!

Wed Aug 18, 1999 6:24 am

The new Northwest A319s are indeed currently in service. Here are the flight numbers and routes that the two new Airbuses fly:

325: DCA-MSP
962: MSP-BDL

Pretty cool  

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RE: Northwest A319's At Prestwick

Wed Aug 18, 1999 6:30 am

Hi all

Northwest's A319 have started routing through Prestwick on delivery.

I'll need to get down to see them!!

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San Jose

Thu Aug 19, 1999 11:03 am

I saw a north west A319 at sjc this past weekend, and NO it wasnt an A320, it had only 1 window over the wing