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Can Air France Prevent Delta's 777's To Disappear?

Wed Aug 18, 1999 5:21 am

In the comming months when the Air France Codeshare becomes more evident could the 777 fleet of Air France take Delta's 777's until the pay is decided between the pilots?? This would be the best beat due to the fact that many letters have been written by large companies saying how dissatisfied they are with the decision of the very earky retirement of the Boeing 777 from its fleet. The 767-400ER delivery to Delta is less then 6-7 months away and pay is to be decied this winter. Hopefully the same fate will not occur on this aircraft and just maybe will allow the 777 pay to be decided.
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RE: Can Air France Prevent Delta's 777's To Disappear?

Wed Aug 18, 1999 5:26 am

As I have stated in the Delta Long Range, High Capacity post, I was told by company employees that DL does not want the 777, at least for the time being. It is not profitable on routes at the present and they have found other ways to replace the 777 on its planned routes. As of Nov. 1 99 (I believe) the 777s will be out of service and be sold. They will not be putting 777s back into the fleet until the 15 MD-11s that they have reach the end of their useful lives as passenger airliners, which is many years in the future.