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Japanese Airports - Awesome!

Mon Feb 11, 2002 3:51 pm

Greetings all, from Fukuoka, Japan; what an airport! Like all Japanese airports, this one has a wonderful observation deck. I am now in the new international terminal, which offers a superb view of arriving and departing aircraft and as it is midway along the runway, it doesn not matter which end is in use. This morning, I flew up from Kagoshima, which also has a deck, although it was too early (and cold) to have a good look. Flew KOJ-FUK on a YS11, although could not take cockpit photo, as access not allowed - even after landing. Still, with facilities like these - I cannot say I am too upset! CA 777 (B2064) just arrived from PEK - nice!

It is the same in tokyo - Haneda and Narita (T1 is best) have superb facilities. I know Japan has a reputation for being quite expensive, but it is well worth a visit, particularly now with a weak yen. Perhaps wait a few months as ANA will be changing its livery shortly and you:ll be able to get all types in new and old c/s.
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RE: Japanese Airports - Awesome!

Mon Feb 11, 2002 6:48 pm

When will ANA unveill this new livery? I'm in japan in 2 months from now, will it be to early fo see their new livery?
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RE: Japanese Airports - Awesome!

Mon Feb 11, 2002 11:39 pm

I agree with you that Japanese airports are excellent. I was very impressed with Narita - the layout, the restaurants, and the service.
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RE: Japanese Airports - Awesome!

Tue Feb 12, 2002 5:27 am

I am a big fan of FUK's observation deck.

RE: Japanese Airports - Awesome!

Tue Feb 12, 2002 5:38 am


Really can't wait to get to Japan this march!!!! Your post even makes me more nervous....

Hey Kaitak, do you know if it is legal to use airband-scanners in Japan??

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