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Alitalia Landings

Thu Aug 19, 1999 6:04 am

Many of you may have videos of old Kai Tak in Hong Kong - or even have been there. On some of these videos, I noticed some particularly lousy landings by Alitalia MD11s and those I saw myself were also quite, well, "interesting". Was it just the MD11, Kai Tak or a combination, as the airline actually has quite a good record; I certainly wouldn't avoid them. But has anyone travelled on an Alitalia MD11 and had any unpleasant experience - particularly into Hong Kong?
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RE: Alitalia Landings

Thu Aug 19, 1999 6:51 am

I'd just like to note it is not the MD-11 that causes these "lousy" landings, it is the crew. Unless, it has been observed with many MD-11s from many airlines from around the world.
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RE: Alitalia Landings

Thu Aug 19, 1999 11:05 pm

Hi Kaitak! For me Alitalia treat the planes like Ferraris, Maseratis, Lancias & Alfa Romeus, always speeding always playing, those guys are something, latin blood you know!!!
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RE: Alitalia Landings

Thu Aug 19, 1999 11:29 pm

The reason is they knew you were standing there on the balcony/parking lot/checkerboard and wanted to give you a good show ;-)
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RE: Alitalia Landings

Sat Aug 21, 1999 12:08 am

AT http://www.airdisaster.com there is an excellent video of an alitalia md-11 bad landing at Kai tak. Check it.