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Researcher Wants KAL 007 Crash Re-Opened

Wed Feb 13, 2002 1:31 pm

Researcher Wants KAL 007 Crash Re-Opened: Will Present Evidence, Petitions in Washington:

WASHINGTON, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Bert Schlossberg, a scholar from Israel, will present evidence on Thursday that contradicts the accepted theory that all passengers died on Korean Airlines #007 in 1983.

Schlossberg has spent 10 years researching the mysterious crash of the jet, and has formed a new committee to bring public attention to his findings. He and several others will hold a News Conference at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 14, at the Army & Navy Club, 901 17th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. After the briefing they will deliver petitions, addressed to President Bush and President Vladimir Putin, to the White House and the Russian Embassy asking them to find out what happened to the 240 passengers and 29 crew members aboard the plane.

Nearly all aboard the jet, which was hit by a Soviet missile, vanished without a trace. The cabin of the aircraft was discovered largely intact in shallow water, but contained just one body. 61 American citizens were aboard the flight, including Congressman Larry McDonald (D-GA), nationally known for his anti-communist views.

Bert Schlossberg who formed the International Committee for the Rescue of KAL 007 Survivors last year, is the son-in-law of passenger Alfredo Cruz of New York. The Committee has many supporters among the relatives of the passengers. His book, "Rescue 007, The Untold Story of KAL 007 and its Survivors" (Xlibris 2001), presents evidence for his premise:

1) The cockpit voice recorder demonstrates that one missile hit the rear of the cabin, and a second Soviet missile missed the aircraft completely. The cockpit voice recorder tape, kept secret by the Soviets for many years, revealed that the flight engineer reported all four engines functioning normally after the missiles were fired.

2) Japanese radar showed the plane slowing down as it descended until it went below 1000 feet and was off the radar screen. The descent lasted 12 minutes. Radio intercepts record that Soviet vessels converged on the
location where it ditched near Sakhalin, an island near Siberia. Boeing says that it could have remained afloat for an hour if the landing was soft. No big pieces of wreckage, no baggage, and only two bodies were found floating on the ocean. The largely intact cabin contained some personal belongings but no life jackets.

In 1991, Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) requested information from President Yeltsin on what happened to the rest. If they didn't survive, where are the bodies? The Soviets admitted that they had classified documents, but did not make them available. Since then, there has been no effort to get answers to Senator Helms' questions.

For more information, see http://www.rescue007.org and http://www.griffnews.com or contact Griffin Communications at fran@griffnews.com

SOURCE International Committee for the Rescue of KAL 007 Survivors
Web Site: http://www.griffnews.com, http://www.rescue007.org
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RE: Researcher Wants KAL 007 Crash Re-Opened

Wed Feb 13, 2002 1:56 pm


That's about all I can say after reading those websites.

This particular conspiracy theory sounds lucid, with some facts to back it up.

This could be the proverbial smoking gun!
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RE: Researcher Wants KAL 007 Crash Re-Opened

Wed Feb 13, 2002 2:33 pm

Correct me if I am wrong here..

If the plane was at about 35 to 40,000 feet when it was hit and it took 12 minutes before it crashed...that would put the vertical speed at impact at 40-55 feet per second.

That's pretty darn fast.

Now if they did slow down at the last 1000 feet. Then this figure does not matter..