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Thu Dec 10, 1998 4:08 am

My mother left for the Philippines the other day and she brought our Alaskan husky with her. She flew Asiana 747-45E HL7415 from LAX to seoul then to manila. One thing that got me a little pissed off was that, they did not even give the dog water or something like that on the 12 hour flight to seoul. I think that totally sucks. So far the best treatment we ever had when bringing our dog was on KLM they really know how to ship animals. I think they are one of the best animal shippers in the business. I heard a lot of people use them to ship there horses or something even elephants.


Thu Dec 10, 1998 4:12 am

Unfortunately Drew, alot of airlines treat animals like baggage.
I agree with you. I would have been po'd too.

I heard the same as you. KLM is the best for shipping live animals.


Thu Dec 10, 1998 4:36 am

Pets should always be sedated before a long trip & have fresh water in their carrier. I agree with Avaitor UA that most Airlines treat pets like baggage without realizing that pets are members of our families. Unless your pet is small (small dog, cat or rabbit) & its carrier can fit inside the cabin it is way too risky to send your pets as baggage. Over the summer Delta & several other airlines banned pets traveling as cargo when 8 dogs died while being shipped. If your big dog needs to travel with you, it may come down to buying a seat for it.