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JetBlue Standby/change/no-show Policy

Fri Feb 15, 2002 11:58 am

Hoping some of the JetBlue insiders here can help me out.

1. Does JetBlue allow standby travel? If I'm flying TPA-JFK-BUF, will they give me seats on both flights if there are open seats at check-in? Or would I only get seats in TPA for TPA-JFK and have to try to get seats in JFK for the JFK-BUF segment? Is there a change fee (upgrade to full fare like WN)?

2. All fares are nonrefundable, but all fares can be changed for a $25/change fee, correct?

3. I was reading the fare rules and it appears that your reservation loses all value if you do not cancel and simply no-show (RESERVATIONS NOT CHANGED OR CANCELLED MORE THAN 2 HOURS BEFORE DEPARTURE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.). Is this correct? On most airlines, if you no-show, the value of the ticket can still be used towards future travel (less the change fee).

4. Since all fares are nonrefundable, how do the fares differ? Looking at the Travelocity fare listing for TPA-JFK, all fares are one-way from $148-$458. Do these fares differ only in advance-purchase requirements? offers one-way fares from $69-$114 depending on flight (date Feb 23).

On another note, I flew JetBlue last weekend from TPA-JFK. It was a wonderful flight and I truly loved JetBlue. One of my favorite aspects was the interaction of all B6 employees, from gate agents to flight attendants to pilots. They all seemed to love their jobs. I also liked the unique way of doing things. For example, using the receipt boarding cards, but stapling them to a piece of board so they don't get lose (and barcoding them so it is easy for the gate agent to grab and scan). I liked deplaning and boarding using stairs for the aft 2L door at Tampa (I regretted have a front seat!). I loved the fact that they had Diet Coke with Lemon. I loved how you get all sorts of snacks instead of peanuts. JetBlue will be seeing me again really soon.

I am wondering if perhaps Brian Stevenson (N506JB I think) was one of the gate agents. I know for sure that the guy who checked me in was not B. There was another young guy who was not in the standard B6 uniform (dress shirt dark blue with blue tie colored as the tail of one of the airplanes) but rather in a while sweater. Was this you, B?

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RE: JetBlue Standby/change/no-show Policy

Mon Feb 18, 2002 9:31 am

I have flown jetBlue standby quite a few times and here is how it works. You can fly standby on the same day you are ticketed for at no charge. If there is a connection, you have to stand by on both legs. However, if the connecting flight is wide open they will sometimes go ahead and confirm you but don't count on it. Yes, if you no-show the flight you forfeit the value of your ticket. This is a great policy and because of it jetBlue doesnt have to overbook. Yes you can change your tickets, but they do charge you $25 and you have to pay whatever the new fare is. (I recently paid $100 to change a ticket on DL so $25 is very reasonable.) Of all the airlines, I think jetBlue has the easiest restrictions to understand. It's pretty straight forward.