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That Huge Beast!

Thu Aug 19, 1999 11:58 pm

Well, the topic is quite strong but I don't want to be really mean with that, I'm just talking about the TU114 ROSSYA, that plane was huge, and above all the things it was really fast for a prop! I never though had the oportunity of flying ( I wish I could !!! ) but I've seen some pictures and movies of it! My question is to have some feedback about this plane and also to know if there're some still flying ( I personally doubt it ) or eventually preserved!
I wait for your news!
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RE: That Huge Beast!

Fri Aug 20, 1999 3:12 am

Hello CV990!

I have good news for you!

The Tupolev Tu-114 Rossiya was untill the advent of the B747, the biggest commercial plane in the world. It could seat from 170 to 220 passengers and it made its first civil flight in 03.11.1963 with Aeroflot (and were kept in service for 15 years, when the routes flown by it received the IL-62 and IL-62M).

Its wing span was of 51,4 metres, lenght of 54, 1 metres and MTOW of 179 tonnes. Maximum Speed of 870 km/h an Economical Cruise Speed of 770 km/h. Reach: 9720km (fogo! Many modern planes and engines be shamed!)

You can visit one of them in Russian Air Force Museum in Monino, 30 km far from Moscow.

source: a booklet given in Aeroflot office in Lisbon and a Flap Internacional (Brazilian aviation magazine), n. 302, November/1997 edition.

I hope to have helped and regards from,

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RE: That Huge Beast!

Thu Aug 26, 1999 10:41 pm

There is a Tu-114 displayed at Moscow's 3rd airport Domodedovo. It is in really good shape and done up in Aeroflot Soviet livery. I will upload a pic when I get access to a scanner.
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RE: That Huge Beast!

Thu Aug 26, 1999 10:56 pm

A pretty good number of them where converted to "Moss" AWAC aircraft. They had a dorsal radar dome that looked like the one that is on the USAF E-3.

My favorite story about the Tu-114 is what happed when (Sorry for butchering the spelling of his name) Soviet Premier Nikita Kuzcheve visited the US in the 1950's. Apparently when they flew into Andrews AFB the ground crew pulled up with the stair truck and found that even at it's highest setting it was still about five feet too short. So his first steps into the US when down a stepladder.

Apparently despite the incovinence he loved it! This was in the days where there was a really big belief that bigger is better. And his plane was bigger then anything the US had.