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Piper 28 Trashes Airport Terminal

Sun Feb 17, 2002 11:45 pm

info from a email i just got!!!

Narsarsuaq: A single-engine aircraft of the type Piper 28 (the article
actually says Piber 28...JB) got out of bounds last Friday at Narsarsuaq,
when it ran into the terminal building at high speed as the pilot was
testing the propeller. The pilot was unhurt, but the aircraft did damage the
tax free shop. The head of the police station at Narsaq, Ib Lennert Olsen,
says that the American registered plane was en-route from Reukjavik,
Iceland, to Canada.
The plane had made a scheduled stop at Narsarsuaq to refuel. After
refuelling, the pilot had trouble starting the engine and discovered that
the battery power was low.
The plane was then moved from the apron in front of the terminal to another
parking position, where the battery was recharged.
As the pilot again tested the propeller, the engine started and the aircraft
drove unmanned at full engine power into the terminal building.
The aircraft is a write-off and the police is reporting the accident to the
Danish AAIB, who will investigate the mishap.
The police in Narsaq has not been able to interrogate the pilot, as he
continued to Canada onboard another aircraft that had also landed at

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RE: Piper 28 Trashes Airport Terminal

Sun Feb 17, 2002 11:59 pm

Should the pilot not have stayed to assist with the investigation. ie: Answer questions, etc.???
How can you have your aircraft crash into people's terminal then hop another flight and skip town? Something's not quite right. Perhaps, he gave his stetement and cleared to leave pending no futher questioning..... perhaps.
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